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Alcohol Related Gifts For Father's Day | Buying Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate your dad than with an alcohol related gift?

Alcohol makes a great gift for any occasion, and we have a fantastic selection of items to choose from that will delight your dad this Father’s Day. If you’re not sure where to start, why not get inspired with our buying guide for alcohol related gifts for Father’s Day. 

Novelty Glasses

If your dad loves a laugh and is always ready with a joke, a novelty glass is the perfect gift for him. Fun, cheeky or more unique in style, these novelty glasses add a touch of humour to your drinking experience and there are options to suit, whatever his favourite tipple is. We also have elegant novelty items that look the part and are practical too. 

Recommended product: Cognac & Brandy Warmer with Glass 14oz / 400ml

A sophisticated option that is practical too, this brandy warmer keeps the drink at the perfect temperature to release the beautiful scent of the drink and heat it properly. All you need to do is light the tealight beneath the glass and let it heat the brandy glass above it. Whether your dad is a fan of brandy and cognac or it’s a drink he’s just started getting into, this is a wonderful gift that looks great on the bar cart. 

Recommended product: Final Touch Skull Beer Mug 23.7oz / 700ml - single

This fun skull beer mug made from a thick mouth-blown glass is perfect for your brew and it makes for a great gift for your dad. It’s a tankard with a generous 700ml capacity and has a sturdy handle so you have a firm grip on your drink. 

Recommended product: Glass Half Yard of Ale with Stand 700ml - Case of 6

If your dad enjoys a challenge, why not give him the half yard of ale glass, complete with its own stand. It’s a great one for parties and gatherings, and is a staple for beer festivals, so you can practise the challenge in the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

Bar Accessories

From the cocktail enthusiast to the home bar hobbyist, there are plenty of accessories to choose from that make for a wonderful gift and can elevate your dad’s drinking experience. If your dad is a proponent of the home bar experience, why not give him these accessories this year?

Recommended product: Coca-Cola Wetstop Bar Runner

Don’t worry about condensation from cold glasses and beer bottles ruining your bar top thanks to the Coca Cola Bar Runner. Made from nitrile rubber and polyester pile top, it’s the perfect companion for any home bar and will absorb liquids quickly to keep the bar looking its best. 

Recommended product: 100 Pub Beer Mats in a Box

If your dad is a collector, why not give him 100 pub beer mats that will give him his own part of advertising history and drink culture. Encased in a handy slide box, these beer mats are branded with a host of different drinks, from ciders and beers to spirits and ales.

Wine Treats

For the wine drinker, there are countless accessories you can buy to elevate your wine drinking experience and make it all the more special. Why not pair one of these accessories with a bottle of your dad’s favourite red or a crisp white wine for a lovely gift?

Recommended product: Wine Decanter with Drying Stand - Case of 6

As any wine expert knows, serving red wine from a decanter is the best way to serve a delicious glass of wine and this option is a great present that has a wide bowl for the wine to spread and a narrow neck for an aromatic pour. 

Recommended product: Wine Bottle Box & Accessories

If you’re gifting your dad his favourite bottle of wine for Father’s Day, why not pair it with this wine bottle box and accessories for an elegant gift that he’ll treasure. This gift comes with a corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter, as well as a wine collar, pourer to oxidise your wine perfectly and a stopper to keep it fresh while you’re enjoying a glass.

Cocktail Kits

Cocktails are always fun to make and even more fun to drink, and if your dad is a fan, our cocktail kits are a great present idea that he’s guaranteed to enjoy. The beauty of cocktails is that there are so many flavours and recipes to try, so he’ll have plenty of time to work through his favourites. 

Recommended product: Mojito Cocktail Kit

Perfect for summer and a refreshing recipe to try, the mojito cocktail kit comes with everything your dad will need to enjoy a zesty cocktail in the garden or with a BBQ in the summer. This kit comes with glasses, a cocktail shaker, ice crusher, jigger measure, a muddler and a mixing spoon. Pair with the ingredients for a mojito for a great gift.

Recommended product: 100 Cocktail Recipes

If your dad is still new to cocktails, or he loves to try new recipes out, why not help him get inspired with 100 recipes? From vodka, rum or tequila-based drinks to fruity or creamy cocktails, there are so many options to try. With this book, he’ll have all the tips and tricks to make a multitude of different drinks for himself or his friends and family, and he’ll have the chance to learn how to make the classics as well as some of the lesser-known options. 


There are many options for a fun and memorable Father’s Day present that your dad will love and enjoy using for many years to come. Whether you choose one of these gift ideas or a combination for a truly special present, these drinks accessories make for a wonderful Father’s Day present for your dad.