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How To Create a Luxury Pantry Room

Pantry rooms are a great way of keeping your food storage together and organised.
There are different types of pantry rooms depending on the style and size of your kitchen.
Although pantry rooms are most commonly used for storing food and beverages, they can also be used to store cleaning products, chemicals and other household supplies.
Let's take a look at how you can create your own luxury pantry.

What is a pantry room good for? 

Pantry Room

Pantry rooms/ cupboards are perfect for keeping your food tidy and organised. 

They stop you from buying food you already have, as you can clearly see everything that is in there.  

They also allow you to avoid food expiry because of an organised layout. 

Pantries are not typically temperature controlled, therefore the food stored in a pantry are cupboard-based items such as flour, pasta etc.  

Creating a pantry with limited space 

Cupboard Pantry

First things first, you have to decide where your pantry is going to go.  

For a smaller kitchen, you can convert any cabinet in your kitchen into a pantry. 

Or perhaps a cupboard under the stairs? 

Maybe an old book shelf or even a closet. 

There are many different ways you can create a pantry cupboard with limited space. 

Pantries for a larger space 

Pantry Room

If you have more space for a pantry, then we recommend a pantry room.  

A pantry room could be a room leading on from kitchen or just a completely separate room. 

Many convert a utility room into a pantry room as this allows you to have much more space and creativity when designing the room. 

Pantry room tips 

Pantry Ideas

Our first tip is to maximise the space by using pantry door racks, drawers and shelves, as this will not only allow you to store more in your pantry, but also keep it looking tidy and organised. 

It is important to have easy access to your pantry. If you are using your pantry to store cooking ingredients and cupboard supplies, then you are going to want your pantry as close to the kitchen as possible. 

Avoid using too deep shelves. Having deep shelves means it will be harder to find what you are looking for because of the quantity of items in the way.  

Instead have shallower shelves to be able to see exactly what you have on each one. 

How to store your food 

1. Jars 

Pantry Jars

Jars are a very popular way to store your food in your pantry.  

A transparent jar is perfect for seeing what exactly is in your jar, plus they make the room look more interesting. 

Many people label the jars for an extra touch, for an example small pasta and large pasta.  

Keep away from the flour and nuts bags and replace them for pretty glass jars! 

We have a range of traditional glass jars, perfect for keeping your food fresh and tidy. 

2. Lazy Susan 

Pantry Storage

Lazy Susan’s are most commonly used as a centrepiece for everyone to get a fair helping of food. 

However, including a Lazy Susan in your pantry room is perfect for organising tins and jars. 

With the turntable option, it will be extremely easy to pick out different items on the tray. 

3. Storage containers 

Storage Containers Pantry

Again, storage containers are also another very popular way to store food in a pantry. 

They can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, meaning they are great for any style of a pantry room. 

You can have fun and coordinate your containers for different types of food or even different colours! 

They are also the ultimate way to make your pantry room pretty and organised. 

ClickClack containers 

ClickClack Pantry

Achieve the real luxury feel in your pantry room with ClickClack storage containers. 

These professional containers are airtight so will keep your food extra fresh, plus are super easy to stack! 

There is a range especially for pantries so these storage containers are a must have! 

4. Baskets or crates 

Wooden Crate

Baskets and crates are great for storing larger items. 

Matching baskets, neatly placed on a shelve can look super neat and tidy! 

Like the jars, these can also be customised and labelled for a clear understanding of what is in each basket!