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DIY: How to make a Lemon Shark

How to make a Lemon Shark Cocktail Garnish What you will need: 1 and a half lemons 2 Cloves Cocktail Sticks A Knife A Cutting or Chopping Board Directions: Cut a small wedge out of the lemon to create a mouth. Once the small slice has been cut out, cut small triangles into the edge of the mouth to create teeth. Take the small piece of lemon that was removed to create the mouth and cut it in half. Take a cocktail stick and break in half and spear each half of the lemon piece to create the fins. Use the cocktail stick to pierce the either side of the body of the shark, you may need to use the knife to create a small starting hole. Take the other half of a lemon and create a thin slice, cut the thin slice in half and then stick a cocktail stick to the peel, this will become the dorsal fin. Again pierce the top of the body of the shark (you may want to use the knife to start it) with the stick creating a fin. Take the rest of the extra lemon and create another thin slice, this slice will become the tail. Pierce the peel side of the tail with a cocktail stick and attach it to the lemon at the opposite end to the mouth. Lastly create two small hole above the mouth and stick two cloves in to create the eyes. To stand your shark up in a glass you will need a long cocktail stick skewered into the body to help it stand upright. You can now use your lemon shark to decorate your favourite cocktail. .