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Happy Hour: Grapefruit Gimlet

Grapefruit Gimlet

A Grapefruit Gimlet is a fresh twist on a classic, with sharp and sweet grapefruit notes bursting through, this Grapefruit Gimlet cocktail recipe is bound to impress. Originally used to treat scurvy for sailors, this deliciously tart drink is now the medicine we all need! ;)

[recipe-ingredients] - 50ml of Gin - 100ml of Grapefruit Juice - 1 Tsp of Simple Syrup - Ice Cubes - Sprig of Thyme, for garnish [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Add all of the ingredients to an ice filled cocktail shaker 2. Shake until the cocktail shaker is cold to the touch 3. Strain into an ice filled glass 4. Garnish with a sprig of Thyme For a classic Grapefruit Gimlet, we recommend serving it in our Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glasses [/recipe-directions]