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How to make Espresso Martini without a Coffee Machine

Hey Cocktail fans, welcome back to the Blog. Today, we're looking at one of the most popular Vodka Cocktails, the Espresso Martini. It's a simple blend of Vodka, Espresso and Coffee Liqueur. But we can make it even easier for you because one of the big questions we get from Home Bartenders is, "How do we make an Espresso Martini without a Coffee Machine?"

Now, of course, there is another simple answer to this because you can buy some pretty decent Espresso Powder in Supermarkets. But you still need access to a Kettle, which is quite easy at Home. but if you're a small Bar, this could be more challenging because, quite often, the Coffee Machine may be turned off and cleaned down at 9pm. Which isn't great for that round of Espresso Martinis at 10pm!

Step forward Monin's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

This Concentrate is like other Monin Products. It's Long Life and Shelf Stable before and after opening. But most importantly, it is NOT a Sweet Syrup. It's Concentrate. And is designed exactly for this use. Replacing Fresh Espresso in Drinks.


Espresso Martini Ingredients

You will need;


How to make a simple Espresso Martini;

  • Chill your Martini Glass in a Freezer
  • Add all the ingredients to your Cocktail Shaker and fill it with Ice
  • Shake Hard
  • Double Strain
  • Garnish with Coffee Beans or Chocolate



How to make a Flavoured Espresso Martini

Most people will need a touch of sweetness in their Espresso Martini, hence the Coffee Liqueur, which can be Kahlua or Tia Maria. (It's worth noting that products like Mr Black are relatively unsweetened by comparison). However, a lot of people like a Flavoured Espresso Martini like Vanilla or Salted Caramel. Now, if you add those Syrups to the Cocktail alongside something like Tia Maria or Kahlua, it can make the Cocktail too Sweet. So we would recommend the following alteration;

There is really no need for Coffee Liqueur because you have the Coffee taste from the Cold Brew Concentrate, and you'll have the Sweetness from the Syrup.


Top Flavours of Espresso Martini

Below are our favourites to try;


Once you have chosen your favourite flavour of Espresso Martini, all you have to do is decide which glass to put it in! Whether it's a Martini Glass or a Coupe Glass, we have plenty to choose from!