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Easy Passion Fruit Martini Recipe

When it comes to Passion Fruit cocktails, you are always going to need Passion Fruit to garnish. The cocktail just looks silly without it. Now it just so happens that the Passion Fruit Martini (the Pornstar Martini), is one of the most popular Cocktails in the UK. So that means Bars have to buy lots of Passion Fruits to garnish their Cocktails. And as Passion Fruits are a similar size to Limes, that is a hell of a lot of space needed to store the Passion Fruits.

So here at Drinkstuff, we are proud to announce the brand new Frona Dried Passion Fruit.

These dried Passion Fruits are long life and shelf stable and come in decent package sizes. Meaning that you can buy in bulk, or if you are an events company, carry them in bulk, without taking up much room. But the best bit is they really look the part too.

So, what better way to launch these Dried Passion Fruits from Frona, than to give you a Passion Fruit Martini Recipe, where all the ingredients are long life and shelf stable, meaning you’ve always got the ingredients to hand, without the need to go out and buy fresh every time you want a cocktail. That’s including the lime juice as well...

By the way, it is Pornstar Martini day on the 6th September. So why not use this recipe to celebrate! 



Easy 4 Ingredient Passion Fruit Martini Recipe

Find your favourite Couple Glass and chill it down

Add all the ingredients to a Shaker with Ice. Shake Hard. Double Strain into a Coupe Glass.
Garnish with a Frona Dried Passion Fruit.


Stillabunt Foamers

PS, for those that don't know, the Stillabunt Magic Foamers are a vegan alternative to Egg Whites and add frothy foam to any Cocktail. They may look expensive at face value, but last for ages. You only need 6 drops per Cocktail!