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Drinkstuff Affiliate Program

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What are affiliates?

In simple terms affiliates are partner websites, blogs, agencies and PPC (pay per click) specialists who use a range of different media to earn a commission for sales and links to our website.

Product data feed

Drinkstuff creates daily data feed comprising of text and links describing each of our products. These feeds, in .csv or .txt format, can be uploaded directly into your template allowing you to display some or all of our products on your website. Avoid the headaches of creating your own retail website but still offer a broad and exciting range of products, earning you competitive commission rates for every sale!

Affiliate program features

Features Sign up to the Drinkstuff affiliate program
Max Commission 1%
Cookie Length 1 Day
Data Feed Yes
Banner and Text Linking Yes
Personalised Links Yes
Promotional Codes No

How do I become an affiliate?

Join the Drinkstuff affiliate program through our partners at AWIN.


Our affiliate program is run exclusively with AWIN. Susan Payne, our account manager, works closely with us to maintain a regularly updated program offering our affiliates the most comprehensive service and a desirable return.

AWIN are one of the most successful affiliate programs in the UK. Their clients include an array of highly established and profitable companies. Log in and download banners and creative imagery at your leisure. We provide dedicated links to products and categories to get you up and running in no time.

Contact us

Laura Stagg, Affiliate Manager
01763 264 280
Susan Payne, AWIN Manager
+44 20 7553 5603

Last update: 5 February 2019 by Duncan Hann
Last reviewed: 5 February 2019 by Duncan Hann