10 Alternative uses for your Kilner Jars

Taking the world of preserve making by storm, Kilner jars are flying off our shelves like hot cakes! Having stood the test of time for over 100 years, the essential staple of your Grandmother’s kitchen are now the height of fashion. But Kilner jars (also known as mason jars) aren’t just for filling with strawberry jam and onion chutney, here we present 10 alternative uses for your Kilner jars:

1. Cocktail Glass

Why not try mixing up some cocktails or soft drinks and serving them in a mason jar such as the Kilner Preserving Jar 0.5ltr? Pictured below is a Pink Lemonade and a Mojito Cocktail.


2. Candle Holder

Create a unique light display either inside or outside by using the Kilner jars as candle holders. Interiors magazine Roco have created a unique candle display with the Kilner Preserving Jars 1ltr.


3. Sweet Jar

Everyone loves sweets, so why not make a personal gift for someone you love by filling up a jar of their favourite sweets? And maybe one for yourself of course… If you’re feeling lazy website A Quarter of The Best Sweets Ever have a range of sweet filled Kilner Clip Top Jars 3ltr


4. Bath Salts

Another unique gift, Kilner Clip Top Jars 0.5ltr are ideal for filling with bath salts to keep them fresh. They also look great in any bathroom and are available ready filled from Creative Soaps.

5. Sewing Kit

For those craft lovers out there the Kilner Preserve Jar 1ltr makes a unique sewing kit to impress your friends! Full instructions on how to make a Kilner sewing kit can be found on the Kilner website.


6. Photo Frame

Probably not your first thought when using a Kilner jar, but a DIY photo frame in a Kilner Preserve Jar 1ltr will certainly make a unique piece for your mantlepiece. Simply get a copy of your favourite photo and submerge it in oil. Full instructions can be found at Funky Bear Decor blog.


7. Flowers

Run out of vases? After a vintage look? Large and small Kilner Preserving Jars and Kilner Clip Top Jars are ideal for displaying flowers!


8. Planter

Create something homemade (in more ways than one) and unique by filling your Kilner jars with soil and planting your favourite herbs or plants. Not Just a Housewife have full instructions on how to make your very own Mason Jar Wall Planter using Kilner Preserving Jars 1ltr.


9. Recipe Jar

Create an instant recipe mix for just about any food with a Kilner Preserving Jar or Kilner Clip Top Jar. Choose from ready made bread mixes to DIY pot noodles. Our favourite idea has to be a cookie mix which allows the recipent to simply mix in a bowl and add the wet ingredients. Why not try the Cowgirl Cookie mix from bakerella.com and use a Kilner Preserving Jar 0.5ltr


10. Cocktail Shaker

Okay, so this one might not be so practical to make yourself, but we love the ideal of a mason jar being transformed into a cocktail shaker! Currently being created in America by two blokes, we hope to be seeing the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker over here soon.



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