All You Need to Know About 10 Different Coffee Types

Ok, so you’re in Starbucks (other coffee shops are available), and you want a coffee. But what Coffee do you go for? A macchiato, or maybe a flat white? You could always go for americano, or even a mocha. I mean choices right?! Here at drinkstuff we’ve decided to tackle the big coffee conundrum and bring you this guide to 10 different coffee types.

10 Different Coffee Types

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The Espresso, or the Short Black is the foundation of all these coffees. Usually made by a Cappuccino Machine, hot water passes through 18g of ground coffee for about 25-30 seconds. You need to be careful not to take too long to make an espresso shot otherwise it could end up bitter tasting.

Espresso shots are best served in a specialised espresso glass or mug.

Short Macchiato

A short macchiato contains a shot of espresso, top up with a dollop of steamed milk and foam. Baristas and high street coffee shops might make it differently, but the traditional way to make it is to add a small amount of steamed milk and foam to espresso. The steamed milk helps take the edge off the espresso.

To serve a Short Macchiato you want to serve it so there are three distinct layers. A dark layer of espresso, a middle layer of espresso mixed with the milk and then a light layer of foam. Like an espresso, a short macchiato is best served in a speciality glass.

Credit: Starbucks


To make an americano you want to add a shot of espresso to a cup filled 2/3rds of the way full with water.  A simple but effective way to serve coffee. To serve it we recommend using a classic bowl shaped mug. We particularly like these mint green ones from Genware.

Caffe Latte
Barista creating Latte Art



Ah, the classic Latte. The latte contains a shot of espresso,  steamed milk and finished with 1cm of foam. Now, this might sound like the macchiato, but the latte has far more streamed milk. The latte is often served in a speciality mug, or even a heat resistant coffee glass to show off the drink and latte art. Lattes are versatile and can have flavoured syrups added. Some popular flavours include caramel, vanilla and pumpkin spice.

Credit: Merriam-Webster


 Similar to a latte, the Cappuccino contains a shot of espresso, steamed milk but the cappuccino has more foam. Chocolate shavings decorate the top of a cappuccino. The other main difference is that a cappuccino is always served in a cup, not a tumbler.

Flat White
Credit: Know Your Grinder


The flat white is a coffee you’ll find in Australian coffee shops but it’s getting more popular in the UK. A flat white much like a latte, contains espresso with steamed milk and foam, but a flat white has less milk. A flat white gets served in a smaller, traditional coffee cup.




Credit: David Koiter


A mix between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino, the mocha contains a shot of espresso, hot chocolate, and is finished off with chocolate shavings or chocolate syrup. Like a cappuccino, the mocha is best served in a large cappuccino cup so there is plenty of room for whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Credit: John Quilter


The affogato is a cross between a drink and a dessert. To make an affogato you place a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a tumbler and then pour a shot of espresso over the top. To add an extra kick you can add a shot of alcohol like whisky or Frangelico. Check out one of our favourite affogato recipes here.


Frappe with Whipped Cream


An iced coffee, the frappé is a popular summer drink you can get all over the country. Frappés contain a shot of espresso, 15ml of sugar syrup, cold water and ice cubes, and milk foam. Quite often frappés in high street coffee shops have whipped cream and flavoured syrups like chocolate or caramel. They are mostly served in disposable take away cups but they are also served in milkshake glasses or tall glass tumblers.

Credit: Libbey Glassware


A different take on the white coffee, the cortado. Much like the latte or flat white the cortado is espresso with milk and milk foam. A cortado has warm milk while the latte or flat white has steamed milk. Like the macchiato, the cortado is best served in a heat proof glass.




So there you have it, 1o different ways to make and serve coffee. You’ll now be able to navigate your way through a coffee shop menu and impress all your friends with your knowledge on these 10 different coffee types. Here at drinkstuff we’re serious about our coffee and know the importance of getting it right. If you’re after coffee serving products head on over to for our huge range of coffee cups, mugs and even glasses.

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