10 Products For a Fang-Tastic Halloween Party!

10 Products For a Fang-Tastic Halloween Party!

Want a Halloween Spooktacular like no other? Who ya gonna call? Drinkstuff!
For the ultimate Halloween party accessories, simply follow this guide.

1. Pumpkin Keg Tap

Ideal for serving truly unique drinks, this Watermelon/Pumpkin Keg Tap Kit allows you to turn fruit & vegetables into a beverage dispenser. Perfect for serving cocktails or Pumpkin Spiced Beer.

Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup
2. Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Getting your drinks on point is vital when throwing a party, with Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup you can follow the new trend for Pumpkin Spice everything! Whether you’re making cocktails or lattes, this syrup is a must have for Autumn.

Monin Green Apple Syrup
3. Monin Green Apple Syrup

Forget bobbing for apples, bring that sharp apple taste to your cocktails with Monin Green Apple Syrup!

Brain Freeze Skull Ice Bucket
4. Brain Freeze Skull Ice Bucket

Now you’ve got your drinks flavoured just right, now you need keep them as cold as possible. The Brain Freeze Skull Ice Bucket provides a truly bone chilling centre-piece that will get your guests picking their brains.

Tiki Skull Cocktail Bowl
5. Tiki Skull Cocktail Bowl

Want a show-stopping cocktail sharer? Look no further than our very own Tiki Skull Cocktail Bowl. With a spine-chilling skull shape design, this impressive 1.7ltr cocktail bowl is enough for at least 4 friends to share at once.

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl
6. Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl

If skulls aren’t your thing, this Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl can be your very own cocktail cauldron. With an ominous black finish, let your guests decide if they’re brave enough to see what’s inside.

Skull Wine Glass
7. Skull Wine Glass

For those guests who prefer a more sophisticated tipple, this Skull Wine Glass is a gothic inspired way to enjoy your favourite poison. [Brains not included]

Tiki Hands Mug
8. Tiki Hands Mug

For an item that can be versatile enough to serve spooky concoctions or Tiki styled tipples, this Tiki Hands Mug has a face that says it all.

Tiki Skull Mug
9. Tiki Skull Mug

With an eerie black finish, this Tiki Skull Mug is a generously sized vessel that makes every drink a spine-tingling experience.

Skull Shot Glasses
10. Skull Shot Glasses

If shots are more your tipple, these Skull Shot Glasses are truly the spirit of Halloween. With a realistic skull shape design, these shooters are truly a drink you can sink your teeth into.


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