9 Haunted Pubs to Drink in this Halloween

Ok so Halloween is fast approaching, and you may have plans. For some people, Halloween is great for drinking green drinks or stomach-turning shots. But if you’re undecided on what to do, I’ve got an idea for you. Put down that horror film you’ve watched a dozen times before. Come with me and have a drink in one of these haunted pubs!

9 Haunted Pubs to Drink in this Halloween
1: The Viaduct Tavern, Holborn, London
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Opposite the Old Bailey, this London Pub is on the cells of Giltspur Street Compter, an old remand prison. Built-in 1874 this Grade II listed building looks like a flamboyant Victorian Opera House and is the last example of a late Victorian Gin Palace. Rumour has it that this pub is one of the most haunted pubs in London. Anyway the paranormal part of this pub. The cells originally used to hold criminals are now the pub cellar. And it’s there you’ll find some of the paranormal activity. In one of the original cells, a prisoner died there, and staff have said that if you go down at night lights can suddenly go off, and the doors can lock you in. But not just restricted to the cells in the cellar, in 1999 two electricians were working in one of the upstairs rooms experienced some creepy activity. One of the electricians whilst working felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Assuming it was his friend he stood up and turned around to accuse his mate. Of course, he denied it, and as the electrician went to go back to his work, both men watch a rolled up carpet lift into the air and drop onto the floor. Spooky right?! Well, any paranormal activity upstairs is usually credited to a murdered prostitute.

2: The Skirrid Mountain Inn, near Abergavenny, Wales
Photo Credit: walesonline.co.uk

Claiming to be the oldest pub in Wales, these Skirrid Mountain Inn has quite the history. The owners claim the Inn dates back to 1100, and it is also supposed to have been a rallying point for supporters of the Welsh Revolt against Henry IV. Others say it’s only 300 years old, so it could all be tall tales. But one thing everyone agrees on is the fact it’s haunted. The first floor of the Inn was a Court of Law, and 180 felons had judgement passed in the upper rooms. Using the oak beam over the stairwell to hang convicts, many people died in this inn and marks from the rope are still visible on the oak beam. With several spirits haunting the building, Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team have visited the Inn.


3: Ye Olde Man & Scythe, Bolton
Photo Credit: Ian Roberts

No one knows when this pubs origin date but an official document from 1251 mentions it by name. Rebuilt in 1636, the vaulted cellar is the only part of the original structure left. The ghost that haunts this pub is supposedly James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby. For his part in the Bolton Massacre, the Earl of Derby was beheaded outside the pub. The Earl’s ghost isn’t shy and has been caught on CCTV, and there is even a video shot from outside the pub where you can see his face in the window. You might not be able to meet the Earl’s ghost as he is with a Chinese Artist travelling the world!

4: The Grenadier, Belgravia, London
Photo Credit: Peter Clarke

Built in 1720, the pub has an illustrious history. Frequented by King George IV, this pub has strong links to the Army what with the upper floors being an officer’s mess. But the spooky part relates to a young Grenadier, who lost his life on the premises. He cheated his mates when playing cards, and well they beat him to death. Visitors to the pub have tried to pay off his debt, and have attached money to the ceiling. Generous patrons have added money to the ceiling for over a century, clearing his debt but still, every September he comes back.

5: The Spaniards Inn, Hampsted, London
Photo Credit: The Spaniards Inn

This pub is pretty much the holy grail of haunted pubs. Dating back to 1585, The Spaniards Inn was mentioned in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, and two early Landlords were the Spanish pair Francesco and Juan Porero. The two men fell in love with the same woman and duelled over her. Killed and buried nearby, Juan’s ghost haunts the place. But Juan isn’t the only ghost in the building. Dick Turpin, you know the infamous highway robber, stalks the upstairs rooms. Because one dick is never enough, a moneylender by the name of Black Dick also haunts this pub. Run over by a horse and cart, Black Dick has been known to tug on the sleeves of drinkers. And just in case that’s not enough ghosts for you, Dick Turpins horse Black Bess can be found in the car park, people have reported hearing neighs and hooves.

6: The Golden Fleece, York
Photo Credit: Mapio.net

Another pub with a claim to fame, the golden fleece is the most haunted pub in York, some even say the country. Complete with creaking doors that open by themselves and footsteps outside of rooms at night this pub has an insane amount of paranormal activity. A simple google search will provide you will all the evidence you need. Youtube videos, and reviews that tell you about moving chairs, and strange voices.

7: Jamaica Inn, Cornwall
Photo Credit: jamaicaninn.co.uk

This legendary inn has long been a welcome pit stop for travellers crossing Bodmin Moor for 300 years. Most Haunted featured it in their scariest episode ever. This pub has it all. Weird voices in a strange language. Horses hooves and carriage wheels despite the courtyard being empty. And a murdered man that still hangs around. He doesn’t move, speak or respond to greetings. He just sits. Mysteriously murdered centuries ago, he’s been lurking at the pub since 1911.

8: The Eagle, Cambridge
Photo Credit: wuphys.wustl.edu

Mostly famous for the announcement of the discovery of DNA, the Eagle pub in Cambridge dates back to 1353. But it’s not just famous because of the scientists that drink there. Just like many other buildings in Cambridge, a ghost resides in the pub. A few hundred years ago a fire raged through the upstairs of the building, and a young child burnt to death. Trapped upstairs, the child attempted to open a window, but couldn’t get it open. Ever since the window remains open. Should it close, people have experienced bad luck or the window will open by itself. The lease even states that the window must remain open. Patrons have reported other ghostly happenings in the pub as well.

9: The Mermaid Inn, Rye
Photo Credit: Richard Rogerson

Looking like something straight out of a book, The Mermaid Inn dates back to the 12th century. With links to smugglers, this Inn has pretty much a ghost in every room.

A lady in white haunts Room 1. Guests have reported finding wet clothes on the chair by the fireplace, despite there being no window or pipework being nearby.

A terrifying man haunts rooms 10. Guests have seen him walking through the bathroom wall into the main room.

Several ghosts haunt room 16. The scene of a murderous duel, Room 16 has seen many unexplained light anomalies throughout the night, as well as bottle falling off shelves unexpectedly. As well as duelling men, the ghost of a maid resides in Room 16. The girlfriend of a smuggler, she was murdered for fear that she knew too much and would expose them.

A Gentleman in old-fashioned clothes haunts Room 19. Seen sitting on the end of a bed, the gentleman terrified an American guest causing her to spend the night in an adjacent room.

Finally there is Room 17 or the Kingsmill Room. The wife of the Hawkhurt Gang founder haunts Room 17. Said to be the scariest room in the Inn, the ghost haunts the rocking chair that sits in Room 17. Guests would wake up in the middle of the night to find the chair rocking by itself, and the room plummeting to icy cold temperatures. The haunting got so bad, that the landlord had to remove the rocking chair from the room.


So there you have it 9 haunted pubs that you can drink in this Halloween!

If haunted pubs aren’t you’re thing, why not host a Halloween Party for all your friends and family. We have everything you’ll need to make creepy cocktails! Check out our Halloween Category here.

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