A Short Guide to British Cider

Once known as the stuff drunk on park benches, cider is enjoying a resurge in popularity. According to recent reports cider is as popular as lager, with 47% of drinkers choosing cider and 46% naming lager as their preferred beverage. With cider sales growing by 24% over the last few years it seems there’s plenty to celebrate in the apple orchards.

So why has cider suddenly become more popular? Prehaps because lager has long become too associated with the drunk and dissorderly, the term ‘lager lout’ instantly springs to the mind of many. Also with many drinkers becoming aware of the amount they are consuming they are opting for a more refreshing beveage, cider being the obvious choice. And unlike much lager advertising, cider appeals to both men and women.

Think of cider and you’ll probably name brands like Magners, Bulmers, Strongbow and Koppaberg, yet there’s plenty more varieties of this English Champagne out there just waiting to be tasted…

Somerset and the West Country

A major cider producer, Somerset and the West Country might be best known for their Scumpy. However there are many great ciders to look out for – Burrow Hill, Sheppy’s, Hecks and Wilkins.


With over 40 cider producers in Wales, there’s plenty of choice from this small country including Gwynt-Y-Draig, Ty Gwyn and Hallett’s.

The Three Counties

Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire are best known for their Perry (cider made from pears), but is also home the famous and popular Weston’s brand.


Suffolk might not instantly spring to mind when you think of cider, but is home to another popular cider producer: Aspall.

Next time you order cider, why not try a local variety? The CAMRA website provides information on which pubs to enjoy real cider and local cider festivals in your area.


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