Alcohol inspired Christmas decorations!

Looking for something a bit different this festive season? If you love the combination of Christmas and alcohol, then you’ll certainly be entertained by these quirky ideas!

Alcohol Advent Calendar!

So we’re already four days into December but it’s not too late to count down the days till Christmas with an advent calendar!

Forget the daily chocolate fix; indulge in your favourite tipple every day instead! (You’ll just have to catch up with the days you’ve missed – what a chore!).

wine advent calendar

A wine a day keeps the doctor away… (ok, perhaps not the whole bottle!)

beer advent calendar

Christmas can be a stressful time – treat yourself to a beer (or 24…)

 Beer  Christmas Trees

A rather obscure (but still artistically impressive!) option –  some beer lovers  have clearly taken their love for the beverage and all things festive to the extreme by creating Christmas trees out of beer bottles and barrels!

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree 00

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree


Beer Keg Christmas Tree

Beer Christmas  Decorations

Perfect for recycling your old beer bottles, these decorations would be easy to make at home (once you’ve got through your beer advent calendar!)

bottle top decs

Beer Bottle Top Christmas Tree Decorations

big Beer Bottle Christmas Lights2

Beer Bottles with lights inside

And how about these cute little Budweiser beer bottle Christmas Tree Lights?

beer bottle lights

Beer Bottle Lights

There’s no need to wine about your lacklustre festive set-up this year – bring your love of beer and Christmas together for a unique twist on tradition! (If anything, it’s a good excuse to get through a fair amount of booze – all in aid of Christmas of course!).

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