All You Need For: a Hawaiian Party

Having a luau? Well make sure you’ve got everything you need for a wickedly tropical night!

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Throw the best luau anyone’s ever seen by simply checking to see if you’ve got these crucial items! You can’t have a Hawaiian party without a tiki mug now can you?

Pina Colada Glasses

Pina Colada Cocktail Glasses 13oz / 375ml
Let’s start calm shall we? Here’s a simple Pina Colada glass for you. With a tall stem and a classic poco grande shape, this glass is a great addition to a luau. Serve up bright and colourful cocktails in a traditionally tropical drinking vessel. For more details and to buy the Pina Colada Glass 390ml, click here.   

Glass Tiki Mugs

Glass Tiki Mugs 14oz / 400ml

Onto to the Tiki mugs! This is a glass with a double sided embossed tiki face design, guaranteed to bring Hawaii to your home. Able to hold up to 400ml of any beverage, get crazy and fun at your luau. A classic tumbler with a tropical paradise twist. For more details and to buy the Glass Tiki Mugs, click here.   

Easter Island Tiki Mug

Easter Island Tiki Mug 14oz / 415ml
Made from ceramic, this mug takes tiki to the next level. Designed to look like an Easter Island statue, this cup is bound to go down a treat at your next luau. Able to hold up to 415ml, this novelty mug can be filled with anything from cocktails to iced tea to punch! Handcrafted with a smooth, polished finish, you can’t go wrong with a tiki mug. So for more information and to buy the Easter Island Tiki Mug, click here.   

Tikinator Tiki Mug

Tikinator Tiki Mug 20oz / 590ml
And when your average tiki mug is too boring for you, try our ‘Tikinator’ mug. A funny take on the ‘Terminator’, this Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike could be used for more than a luau or Hawaiian party. Why not serve a White Russian cocktail in these for a Terminator movie night. Able to hold 590ml and made from ceramic, these handcrafted and polished mugs are a great addition to your glass cabinet. To buy and for more details on the Tikinator Tiki Mug, click here.

Ceramic Parrot Mug Blue

Ceramic Parrot Mug Blue 19.4oz / 550ml

Forget the tiki face for a moment and let’s think really tropical. This ceramic parrot mug is a novelty, colourful way to serve drinks at your Hawaiian party. Able to hold 550ml, this cute blue parrot mug will go down a hit at your luau. Handcrafted also and finished in a smooth glaze, this has got to be my favourite item so far! So for more information and to buy the Ceramic Parrot Mug Blue, click here.

Where’s my grass skirt? Ceramic Coconut Mug

Ceramic Coconut Mug 21oz / 600ml
For a bit of Hawaiian flair at your party, why not serve your cocktails in this ceramic coconut mug for a traditional, tropical feel. Can contain 600ml of any beverage you choose, it is even styled and finished to look like a coconut. What could be better than drinking out of a coconut? So for more details and to buy the Ceramic Coconut Mug, click here.

Hula Girl Tiki Mug

Hula Girl Mug Tiki Mug 18oz / 510ml
A luau or Hawaiian party isn’t complete without a Hula girl so if it’s too cold to wear a coconut bra and a grass skirt, get yourself one of these ceramic hula girl tiki mugs. Able to hold up to 265ml of your yummy cocktails, this handcrafted and hand painted mug will bring a touch of tropical paradise to your luau. So for more details and to buy the Hula Girl Tiki Mug, click here.

Flaming Volcano Bowl

Flaming Volcano Bowl 36oz / 1.1ltr
Why have a boring plastic punch bowl when you could have one of these flaming volcano bowls? With tropical detailing on the outside, this 1.1 litre bowl has a small crater in the middle ideal for holding a flammable spirit. Complete the Hawaiian look and for a taste of true tropical paradise, fill up the bowl with punch, pop in some long straws and light that volcano up! Handcrafted, this ceramic bowl will look great at your next luau. For more information and to buy the Flaming Volcano Bowl, click here.

Paper Fruit Straws

Paper Fruit Straws

What shall you decorate your tiki glasses with? Because it wouldn’t be a Hawaiian party without over-the-top colourful decorations. How about these paper fruit straws? They come in various colours with a mix of fruits topping them, making them a great and simple way to decorate your cocktails at a Hawaiian party or just at a summer BBQ. So to buy and for more details on the Paper Fruit Straws, click here.

Paper Flower Rosette Cocktail Sticks

Sunflower Cocktail Picks
Even better than paper straws — these cute, vibrant paper flower cocktail sticks! Add a touch of the tropics to any cocktail with these paper flowers. Simply pop them into your drinks at your next Hawaiian party! To buy and for more details click here for the Paper Flower Rosette Cocktail Sticks.

Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler

Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler
And don’t let your drinks get cold at your party either! Put away that bucket full of ice and say hello to this inflatable palm tree cooler! Simply inflate, fill with ice and beverages and you’ve got yourself not only a drinks cooler but also a great Hawaiian party prop! Holds approximately 40 cans or bottles and deflates easily for storage and transportation. If you’re having a beach party, you could even take this with you! Ideal for outdoor, pool and indoor parties! Say goodbye to the bath full of ice and hello to the tropics! For more information and to buy, click here for the Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler.

GoBar Portable High Top Bar

GoBar Portable High Top Bar with 3 Skirts

With 3 Skirts Talking of portability, this is a portable bar! So you can have a Hawaiian party whenever and wherever you like! Indoors, outdoors, on the beach, this sets up in under 60 seconds and even comes with a handy bag for easy storage and transportation. It comes with three different skirts meaning if you happen to be a bartender on the go or hold a lot of parties at your house, you can choose between the tiki skirt, football or formal for different scenes. This pop up bar could fit in at any party and even has a rear shelf. What could be better than a pop up bar? If you’re interested and want to know more, click here for the GoBar Portable High Top Bar.   

That’s it for this week’s All You Need For. Have a great Hawaiian party to push away the winter blues. Don’t forget to check back next Thursday where I’ll be showing you all you need for an Everything But a Cup Party. For more All You Need For’s, just click here!

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