All You Need For: A New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

Now Christmas is over and the year is coming to a close we have one last date to celebrate, drink and be merry! New Year’s Eve of course! So if you’re throwing a party this NYE, make it go down in history and don’t forget these essentials items!

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Disposable Champagne Flutes

It’s New Year and what’s better than a glass of bubbly to celebrate? But when you’re throwing a party, don’t you just hate the clean up — especially if you’re worrying about broken glass all night. So stop! With these disposable champagne flutes, not only do they look great and do the same job as a glass flute, they allow you to stop worrying about breakages and at the end of the night, you can just throw them away – so no washing up! Awesome for this NYE or any party, wedding or BBQ for that matter. Say goodbye to glasses at events and hello to your new best friend plastic. For more details and to buy the Disposable Champagne Flutes, click here.  

Disposable Pint Tumblers LCE

But what if not all your guests like champagne? (everyone’s got that one friend). Well don’t worry, they won’t end up drinking from a glass bottle this NYE party or even sipping their beer from a champagne flute; give them one of these. Able to hold a pint, keeping everyone happy, these plastic disposable cups are great parties and mean no glass shattering across the floor, plus no washing up! I can’t think of a downside to these wonderful creations. So to buy and to find out more about the Disposable Pint Tumblers, click here.   

Bomb Shots Clear CE

Bomb Shots Clear CE 3oz / 85ml
The bomb shot glasses are the new drinking craze throughout pubs, clubs and bars all over the country. So join in with these handy plastic bomb shot glasses. Simple to use; pour the shot in the centre cup then add the chaser around the outside in the larger cup and you’ve got yourself a quick, delicious cocktail. Stackable, recyclable, disposable, plus no washing up and no glass breakages. What could be better for your New Year’s Eve party? Have fun and don’t worry this NYE; for more details and to buy the Bomb Shots Clear, click here.   

Light Sparkles

Sparkler Bottle Clip
And it wouldn’t be NYE without some sparkle! These high quality sparklers can be attached to bottles, drinks and even cakes and last for approximately 30 seconds for a dazzling display. Easy to light and even come with a holder for adding to cakes and desserts. Decorate your cocktails and light up your party with these wonderful sparklers. They’re safe to use indoors and do not burn any hotter than a candle. Great for birthday parties, hen nights and of course, this New Year’s Eve! Bring the sparkle to the end of the year. So to buy and for more information on the Light Sparkles, click here.

Fiesta Cocktail Decoration Party Set

Fiesta Cocktail Decoration Party Set
If you want to bring even more funky, fun charm to your party, why not decorate your cocktails and drinks with this cool fiesta cocktail party set. Which includes 20 paper fruit straws, 20 palm tree sticks, 20 paper umbrella picks, 20 paper fruit picks and 120 cell frill picks. Get creative and go wild this NYE! With an accessory for every type of drink, you could even go crazy and have a paper umbrella in your champers! So to find out more and to buy the Fiesta Cocktail Decoration Party Set, click here.

Party Time Drinks Tub

Party Time Drinks Tub
And with all those guests, you’re going to have a lot of drink. Don’t let anything go warm (except from the red wine!) this NYE and get yourself a drinks tub. Simply fill with ice and pop in your bottles and cans for easy access for your guests and yourself. This one even has carry handles for easy transportation. Great for indoors and outdoors, it even has a classy ‘party time’ drinks logo on the side of it. Don’t let anything fizzle out this NYE party! For more information and to buy the Party Time Drinks Tub, click here.   

8 Piece Punch Bowl Set

Aspen 8 Piece Punch Set
And if you’re planning on mixing up a delicious punch, make sure you’ve got a great vessel for it. How about this eight piece punch bowl set? Containing a 8.5 litre punch bowl, a glass ladle and six punch cups. With a delicate and elegant rippled effect design made from mouth blown glass, this punch bowl will be a great addition and centrepiece at your NYE party. Also great at BBQs and large events. For punches and cocktails, this bowl will wow your guests as much as your drinks will! So if you’re interested and want to know more about the 8 Piece Punch Bowl Set, click here for more information and to buy.

Chip And Dip Bowl With 2 Side Dip Dishes

Chip and Dip Bowl with 2 Side Dip Dishes
Let’s talk food. Booze, cocktails and champagne is all well and good
at a NYE party but what about food? Are you a buffet person or a snacker? Either way, this chip and dip bowl with two side dip dishes is a great accessory at your next party. Fill it with chips and dips in this easy serving design; your guests will love it. Chili sauce and their Doritos in the same place? The durable plastic will make sure there’s no glass breakages and is also ideal for serving salads! Endless possibilities, you can use this even on a quiet movie night! So to buy and for more details on the Chip and Dip Bowl with 2 Side Dip Dishes, click here.

Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips And Glass Markers Colours

Wine Glass Plate Clips
At large get-togethers, do you worry about how to shake hands, hug and greet people whilst holding your drink and your plate? Well worry no more with these handy plate clips! They’re even coloured so you can identify your plate from a far if you’ve forgotten where you put it down. The clips have a snug slot for your glass that holds onto the plate securely allowing you to keep one hand free; whether it’s to grab more food, hold a napkin…or grab more food….or even to shake hands! Great for buffets, events and of course, this NYE! So to buy and for more information on the Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips And Glass Markers Colours, click here.   

And finally, it’s New Year’s Eve so bring a bit of light, magic and colour to your party with this LED Ice Bucket.

Ice Blue LED Ice Bucket
With nine blue LED’s, this ice bucket will keep your drinks and your party cool. From bottles to cans, there’s even a switch to adjust the brightness. So the closer it gets to midnight and the lights go down, your ice bucket will always be found in the busy room. Bright, fun and creative, use an ice bucket worthy of NYE! So to buy and for more details on the Ice Blue LED Ice Bucket, click here.   

I’d just like to say thank you to all my beautiful readers and wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful time and I will see you in the New Year! 

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