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Bake a cake. Cake a bake! All You Need For your baking activities!

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Asides from eating, the next favourite activity to do in the kitchen is, of course, baking! So here’s a little All You Need For to show you some of the things you might be missing from your baking and caking. Shall we begin?

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl 24cm
This Mason Cash mixing bowl shows off a 100 year old classic and timeless design. Perfect for cake mix and handcrafted from high quality earthenware. It’s not only beautiful but also chip resistant and weighted so it counteracts movement when stirring on counter tops.
It has an elegant pattern on the outside for a rustic, farmhouse appearance and is finished with a smooth, white glaze inside. Plus, the embossed design aids your grip on the bowl! 26cm in diameter, this wide mixing bowl is great for beating eggs and even storing ingredients.
For more details and to buy the Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl, click here.

Mason Cash Batter Bowl

Mason Cash Batter Bowl
Like its bigger mixing bowl friend, the smaller batter bowl has the same vintage design on the outside that aids your grip. It’s just as elegant and made from the same high quality stoneware. With a spout and handle, this batter bowl is great for not only mixing but also pouring your cake mixture or pancake batter. Once you have one, you’ll never know what you did without a batter bowl.
So for more information and to buy the Mason Cash Batter Bowl, click here.

Mason Cash Round Perfect Pie Dish

Mason Cash Round Perfect Pie Dish 24cm
And it couldn’t be a complete baking kitchen if you didn’t have a pie dish. This gorgeous round dish, made from stoneware again, is ideal for baking pies. It has raised feet which allow heat circulation and ventilation for a better all round bake and helps stop the pastry from shrinking. It also has a smooth finish with a unique embossed design for that rustic feel.
For more details and to buy the Mason Cash Round Perfect Pie Dish, click here.

Mason Cash Terracotta Tear & Share Heart

Mason Cash Terracotta Tear & Share Heart 28cm
Who doesn’t love a bit of tear & share garlic bread? Better yet, homemade tear and share garlic bread! This terracotta dish allows you to create your very own heart shaped tea & share bread, encouraging your more creative side in the kitchen. Made from terracotta, the set also includes recipes and instructions on how to make different dishes with this plate. Make bread in the comfort of your kitchen with this handy heart shaped dish.
For more details and to buy the Mason Cash Terracotta Tear & Share Heart, click here.

Mason Cash Black Pie Bird

Mason Cash Black Pie Bird
And you surely couldn’t bake without one of these cuties? Add a bit of fun to your functional kitchen with this sweet blackbird made from stoneware. It allows steam to release during the final baking stages of your pie. It’s handy and will be a cute addition to your kitchen equipment.
To buy and for more information on the Mason Cash Black Pie Bird, click here.

Kilner Round Clip Top Jar

Kilner Round Clip Top Jar 2ltr
What will I use these for, I hear you say? Well there’s nothing like having jars around the kitchen; you never know when you’re going to need them. From storing biscuits to preserving jams or pickling onions, jars are a great invention and these Kilner clip top jars are the best of the best. With a secure metal clip lid and an orange rubber seal for an airtight lock, these jars bring a classic and vintage feel to your pickling or storing process. Embossed with the Kilner logo, these jars are durable and would even come in handy when storing dried pasta. Never be without a jar!
So for more information and to buy the Kilner Round Clip Top Jar, click here.

Ferris Wheel Food Stand With 6 Stainless Steel Plates

Ferris Wheel Food Stand with 6 Stainless Steel Plates
Fancy a cake? Well if you’re proud of your creations and want a fun way to display them, why not use a Ferris Wheel food stand? It would be the talking point of your next party and guests wouldn’t only be thrilled with your yummy cakes but your inventive displaying powers! It comes with six stainless steel plates for serving and will provide an iconic and memorable food presentation at your next buffet. From cakes to canapes to just a bowl of chips, this is a unique way to display food at weddings, buffets or even just at afternoon tea.
So for more information and to buy the Ferris Wheel Food Stand, click here.

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Beaded Cake Stand

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Cake Stand
This beaded 3 tier stand offers a more traditional way to present cakes, sandwiches and nibbles alike. Made from polished stainless steel and a beaded design around the edge, this stand is an excellent and classic way to display your freshly made cakes or homemade sandwiches. And there’s even a carry handle for easy transportation. Whether it’s used at a buffet, afternoon tea or even at a wedding, this 3 tier cake stand will never fail to make your cakes look even more heavenly.
So for more details and to buy the Stainless Steel 3 Tier Beaded Cake Stand, click here.

Miniature Oak Picnic Bench Serving Platter

Miniature Pine Picnic Bench Serving Platter
Talking of ways to display food, forget about that 3 tier stand or even the cool Ferris Wheel, and say hello to the Picnic Bench Serving Platter. Use it at buffets, use it in your restaurant if you’re feeling creative, but wherever you use it, this miniature oak picnic bench will go down a treat. For cakes, nibbles or even burgers and chips, this unique platter will be memorable for your guests. Made from solid, durable oak wood, you can serve anything on this platter and it will always look fabulous!
So to buy and for more details on the Miniature Oak Picnic Bench Serving Platter, click here.   

Ethos Pasta Machine

Ethos Pasta Machine
Onto the gadgets. Now a lot of us enjoy a bit of pasta, from spaghetti bolognese to lasagna, and so a lot of us want to try to make it. The best way to do that? Get yourself a pasta machine my friend! Make your pasta from scratch and wow your friends with your culinary skills. With a recipe included in the set, this home pasta maker will become your new best friend. Simple to use with a fixing clamp to secure it to your worktop, it even has an adjustable roller for sheet pasta and a cutter to make tagliatelle! You will become a pasta making master in no time with this awesome pasta machine.
So for more information and to buy the Ethos Pasta Machine, click here.

Perfect Bake System

Perfect Bake System
And if you truly are useless in the kitchen but you’re determined to make that cake for your friend, how about getting yourself this bad boy, the Perfect Bake System. All you have to do is link the smart scales to your phone or tablet and soon you’ll be making cakes like a pro. It comes with hundreds of recipes; the handy baking app will guide you step by step to create your perfect cake.
With adjustable smart scales, it eliminates the need to measure manually to avoid any mix-ups. Your little app will tell you when to stop by using the smart scales. It even features 3 timers for mixing, baking and cooling, so you’ll never be confused again. Plus, the virtual pantry will tell you what you need and will adjust if you make any mistakes. This is the simplest, fuss-free way to make fun, delicious treats for everyone.
So if you’re a terrible baker and need some help, never fear, click here for more details and to buy the Perfect Bake System.

And that’s it for this week’s All You Need For. Check back next Thursday where I’ll be showing you everything you need for the perfect Hawaiian party. Plus, to read more All You Need For’s, click here.


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