All You Need For: Breakfast

Most important meal of the day and maybe the one with the best food too! Better make it a good breakfast!

Whether you’re looking to smarten up your brunch or Sunday breakfast at home, or want to wow the guests of your B&B or hotel with your brilliant breakfast service, this All You Need For is the place to be. I’m going to show you all you need to impress your guests and make sure that breakfast is still top of the menu. Could someone pass the jam?


Nantucket Drinks Dispenser With Wooden Stand
Nantucket Drinks Dispenser with Wooden Stand 300oz / 8.5ltr
What’s the first thing most of us want in the morning? Maybe aside from food and a cup of tea, a lot of us like a nice glass of refreshing juice. Don’t put the cartons out! Say goodbye to jugs because this drinks dispenser is the latest trend to breakfast dining. Instead of rushing around serving juice, allow your guests to serve themselves with this nifty, vintage drinks dispenser with its own wooden stand. With a metal clip and a rubber seal for a secure close, fill this dispenser up with juice or a soft drink for easy service. Thinking domestically, this drinks dispenser is also handy at BBQs, parties and buffets, giving your guests the freedom to get their own drinks. With its retro appearance and the ‘Old Fashioned Nantucket’ logo embossed on the side, this drinks dispenser is bound to go down a treat with your full English breakfast and croissants. For more information and to buy the Nantucket Drinks Dispenser with Wooden Stand, click here.


Churchill Stonecast Barley White Tea Pot

Churchill Stonecast Barley White Tea Pot 15oz / 425ml

But if you’re more of a tea drinker than a juicer, let’s have a look at this tea pot. Made from gorgeous China and finished with a barley white design, this tea pot is decadent and will add a bit of vintage charm to your breakfast service, domestically or in your hotel or B&B. Able to hold two cups, it also has an ecoglaze meaning it’s resistant to stains and crazing. Churchill crockery is made to last and is guaranteed to see many a breakfast. So to buy or for more information on the Churchill Stonecast Barley White Tea Pot, click here.


Art De Cuisine Igneous Tea Cup & Saucer

Art de Cuisine Igneous Tea Cup & Saucer 8oz / 250ml

And with that tea pot, don’t forget the cup and saucer! Throw away those old chipped ones and replace them with this gorgeous, rustic Art De Cuisine pair. Finished with rustic biscuit edges in gorgeous warm earth colours, this cup and saucer is sure to bring joy to anyone after a late night. Pour your tea into one of these and bring a traditional look to your breakfast service. For more information on the Art De Cuisine Igneous Tea Cup & Saucer, and to buy, click here.


City Irish Coffee Glasses

City Irish Coffee Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml
But if you’re not a fan of juice or tea, then enter the Irish coffee glass. These handled glass mugs have a footed base for practicality and are great for serving anything from coffee to hot chocolate. Or if you’re feeling fancy, a Hot Toddy cocktail! Able to hold 250ml and if you’re feeling generous, a healthy dollop of whipped cream. Say goodbye to boring mugs and hello to the Irish coffee glass for memorable dining service. For more information and to buy the City Irish Coffee Glasses, click here.

Chrome Cafetiere

Chrome Cafetiere 12 Cup
Whilst on the subject of coffee, here’s another great way to keep it warm and for easy access to your guests. This chrome cafetiere can hold an impressive twelve cups and would be great for breakfast service or in business meetings, or even if you have a very busy household with a lot of coffee lovers. With a smart finish and durability, this cafetiere is easy to maintain and would look great on any breakfast buffet table. For more information and to buy the Chrome Cafetiere, click here.


Steelite Craft Club Jug White

Steelite Craft Club Jug White 5oz / 140ml

Did someone say milk? Yes, milk is an important component to breakfast so forgetting the milk jug would be ridiculous! So here’s a beautiful milk jug that will shame that white one in your cupboard. Finished with a rustic white, hand applied glaze, this rustic looking jug is able to hold 140ml of anything from milk to juice and would look perfect on your breakfast tables. Functional and durable, once you’ve got a craft club jug, you won’t look back! So for more information and to buy the Steelite Craft Club Jug White, click here.


Art De Cuisine Igneous Sugar Bowl

Art de Cuisine Igneous Sugar Bowl 6oz / 160ml

But it’s not just a sugar bowl. Able to hold 160ml, this bowl could be used to serve anything from sugar cubes on a table to a side of french fries on a plate. Oh I do love products with multiple purposes! Use to compliment your breakfast service or get trendy and fill it with onion rings next to your burger at dinner. Either way, this bowl has a classic look with a smooth embossed line design and biscuit base. Durable and strong, this bowl will withstand many busy breakfasts, at home or at your B&B or hotel. So to buy and for more information on the Art De Cuisine Igneous Sugar Bowl, click here.


Chrome Horseshoe Toast Rack

Chrome Horseshoe Toast Rack

Oh yes, I’m bringing back the toast rack. Because without toast, it isn’t breakfast, surely? I can’t think of a better way to serve up hot golden toast to your diners than in this chrome horseshoe shaped rack. Able to hold six slices, pop this on the buffet table or on the tables and allow your guests to help themselves. Service just got a lot easier! From bedroom service with it’s easy hold handle to table service, this horseshoe rack has an elegant design and will look great alongside that cup and saucer! To buy and for more information on the Chrome Horseshoe Toast Rack, click here.


Royal Genware Butter Pats

Royal Genware Butter Pats

And you can’t have toast without butter. So here’s a little butter dish able to hold 25g of butter or margarine (if you’re feeling fancy). Finished with a white gloss glaze, this porcelain dish is a great addition to your breakfast service and won’t leave guests wondering where the butter’s at? So for more information and to buy the Royal Genware Butter Pats, click here.


Kilner Hanging Jam Spoon

Kilner Hanging Jam Spoon

Ah, someone’s finally passed me the jam, excellent! This has got to be one of my favourite products from Kilner and on this list. Introducing the Hanging Jam Spoon! Don’t just put the jam jar out on the table and expect them to get messy whilst spreading it on their toast. Give them one of these nifty spoons so that jam stays on food and less on the table or themselves. With a small hook on the back of the stainless steel spoon, it simply clips onto the side of any jam or marmalade jar, offering a clean, puddle free dining experience. Branded with the classic Kilner logo, these spoons would even be great for domestic use; especially if you’ve got a messy relish or mustard eater. So stay mess-free with a Kilner Hanging Jam Spoon and click here to buy and for more information.


Polycarbonate Rectangular Cake Dome With Tray

Polycarbonate Rectangular Cake Dome with Tray

Whether you want to show off your new cakes or keep muffins and croissants alike fresh on your breakfast buffet table, this rectangular dome and tray is guaranteed to do exactly that! Keeps food fresh and free from flies and that one guy with a bad cold. Pair it with some tongs and you’ve got a very clean breakfast service! So for more information and to buy the Rectangular Cake Dome with Tray, click here.


Meranda Fruit Basket With Banana Hanger

Meranda Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger

This banana hanger is bound to impress your guests, at home or in your B&B or hotel. Forget about the cakes and toast for the moment and think about the delicious fresh fruit you want to serve your guests. Featuring a chrome basket and banana hanger, this will help optimize space on your buffet table or counter in the kitchen. Display your yummy apples and tasty bananas in this practical and stylish chrome plated fruit basket. For more information and to buy the Meranda Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger, click here.


Steelite Craft Bowl White

Steelite Craft Sugar Bowl White 8oz / 227ml

Talking of things other than cakes and toast, these beautiful white bowls are a great way to serve cereals and soups. With a vintage appearance, inspired by afternoon teas, these bowls have a hand applied white glaze finish. Strong and durable, these bowls are excellent at any type of dining service; from breakfast to dinner! Stain resistant and with a gorgeous design, Cherrios have never looked so tasty! To buy and for more information on the Steelite Craft Bowl White, click here.


Churchill Stonecast Barley White Coupe Plate

Finally, with all that talk of food I haven’t given you anything to serve it up on. From jammy toast to buttered croissants to a full English breakfast, this white coupe plate is bound to make just about anything you serve up look amazing. Made from super vitrified China, these plates are mark resistant with a beautiful smooth finish. Their design will bring a rustic feel to any table and is a perfect way to complete your breakfast service set! So for more information and to buy the Churchill Stonecast Barley White Coupe Plate, click here.


That’s it for this week’s All You Need For. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and are now wondering whether you should get that gorgeous tea pot! Don’t forget to check back next Thursday for another addition of All You Need For, where I’ll bring you more fabulous ideas for your kitchen, dining room and all round foodie stuff! To see previous All You Need For’s, click here!

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