All You Need For: Every Cocktail

Because you can’t drink a Mint Julep from a Margarita glass…Or can you? Hello readers and welcome to another addition of All You Need For. This week I’ll be showing you which glass you need for each cocktail. From the Moscow Mule mug to the classic Martini glass, I’ll reveal to you all you need for every cocktail. Let’s get started shall we?

Martini = Martini Glass

City Martini Cocktail Glasses 6.5oz / 175ml

Very obvious, the Martini glass is perfect for the Martini cocktail. Their shape is iconic and aids in enhancing the flavours of your drink. However, other cocktails that can be served in a Martini glass include the Cosmopolitan, any Daiquiri, the Manhattan and the Vesper. The glass above has a smooth finish and keeps to the classic design. It is a sophisticated drinking vessel and offers you a traditional way to drink your Martini. But there’s nothing to stop you from using it to make other cocktails. You do not have to conform to the cocktail rules.
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Pina Colada = Pina Colada Glass

City Pina Colada Glasses 16oz / 460ml

Can you see the pattern? The cocktail, Pina Colada, is best served in its glass – the Pina Colada glass. Like the Martini glass, its shape enhances the flavour and aromas of your cocktail and gives it a classic, tropical feel. With a wide rim and large bowl, the glass above can hold 390ml of Pina Colada or any cocktail if you want to go crazy!
For more details and to buy the Pina Colada Cocktail Glass, click here.

Margarita = Margarita Glass

Can you guess which cocktail goes best with this glass? Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s the Margarita! Still a very popular drink, the Margarita indeed has its own glass and is just as famous as the two previous. The stemmed glass with its unusual shape offers a funky, unique way of drinking cocktails. Plus, the glass above is made from tempered glass, meaning it is five times more resistant than untreated glass – so not as many breakages!
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Old Fashiond = Old Fashioned Glass

Urban Bar Retro 1910 Old Fashioned Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml

The Old Fashioned truly is a classic mix. And this exquisite glass, an Old Fashioned, is the perfect way to drink it. With a vintage design carefully cut into the glass for a 1910 retro feel, this glass is as fancy as the person who’s drinking from it. They also serve as a great way to serve other cocktails such as the Negroni, plus they’re fabulous for spirits and liqueurs too.
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Long Island Iced Tea = Highball Glass

Geo Hiball Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml

The Highball glass is probably the most used glass of them all as it can be used for soft non-alcoholic drinks and pretty much most cocktails. Famously, drinks like the Screwdriver and a simple Gin and Tonic are often served in a Highball glass. In cocktail terms, they’re mostly used to serve long drinks, such as the Long Island Iced Tea, and or mixers. The glass above has perfect parallel sides and can hold 470ml of any beverage. Don’t be without a Highball glass behind your bar.
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Collins = Collins Glass

Tall Cocktail Glasses 13oz / 370ml

Much like the Highball, the only difference between that and the Collins glass is their height and narrowed bowl. Collins glasses are often taller and slimmer than Highballs. Commonly, they’re used to serve long drinks, plus the famous cocktail, the Collins. But it’s not unheard of to even serve beer in one of these, proving that in the 21st century, cocktails can be served in pretty much anything.
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Hurricane = Hurricane Glass

Hurricane Cocktail Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml

Another glass, a lot like the Pina Colada, is the Hurricane glass. However, it is usually much taller with a slimmer bowl and a shorter stem for extra stability as the Hurricane glass is often used to show off cocktail flair and to be adorned with decorations and garnishes. With its elegant curves, it does make for a beautiful drinking vessel and it can even been used as a dessert or ice cream dish. When it comes to cocktails, the Hurricane is the famous drink that fills this beaut of a glass.
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Moscow Mule = Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Barrel Mug 16oz / 455ml

Mug Most of these glasses and mugs are self-explanatory. But let’s continue. The best way to serve a Moscow Mule? In a Moscow Mule Mug of course! This copper, traditional style mug is an excellent and unique way to serve the classic cocktail. It’s also great for Mojitos too if you’re feeling funky. This mug is guaranteed to bring a rustic feel to any cocktail.
So for more information and to buy the Moscow Mule Copper Mug, click here.

Mint Julep = Julep Cup

Urban Bar Copper Plated Julep Cup 14oz / 410ml

Like the mug above, this cup has a rustic appearance and is sure to make your Mint Julep look and feel very chilled. This stainless steel copper plated cup is sure to stand out at parties and the bar, as Mint Juleps are commonly served in boring Highballs. This will give your cocktail the razzle dazzle you wanted, whilst keeping with the traditional yet classy style with its polished finish.
So for more information and to buy the Copper Plated Julep Cup, click here.

Mimosa = Champagne Flute

I think that champagne flutes are something everyone should have in their cabinets at home and even more important for behind a bar. A famous drink served in one of these gorgeously elegant glasses is the Mimosa. For those of you who don’t know, a Mimosa is simply champagne or sparkling wine mixed with orange juice. Not only are these glasses beautiful but essential for a complete glassware cocktail set. The one above is made from tempered glass, meaning it is much more durable than untreated glass, plus if it does happen to break, it will not shatter but break into blunt fragments. Lovely stuff! A great glass to have around at parties or brunch!
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Manhattan = Coupe Glass

Often used to serve wine and champagne, the Coupe glass has a classic, 20’s style design with a wide rim and large bowl. It’s long stem means your warm hand doesn’t have to touch the bowl, which could heat up your bubbles. Plus the glass above is also mouthblown and delicately made. Just fabulous! More cocktails are served in the Coupe than you might realise. For instance, it is common practice these days to serve the Manhattan cocktail in a Coupe rather than a Martini.
For elegant sipping, click here for more details and to buy the Michelangelo Champagne Saucer, able to hold 210ml.

Singapore Sling = Sling Glass

Frosted Mason Drinking Jar Glasses 20oz / 568ml

A lesser known glass for a well known cocktail. The Singapore Sling, if made traditionally, is often served in a real Sling glass. A lot like the Collins and Highball, the Sling glass is also tall and slim but has a slight angle that widens at the brim to enhance the aromas. Its elegant shape and footed base makes for an excellent, steady and classy glass. It can also be used to serve long drinks. For more details and to buy the Catalina Sling Glass, click here. Pimm’s = Mason Drinking Jar The Mason Drinking Jar has so many cocktail and beverage choices; some like their beer in it, others like to sip Mojitos from it. However, I always think Pimm’s is a great cocktail to drink from a Mason jar. The one above is able to hold 568ml, which is big enough for a hefty Pimm’s cocktail, full of fruit and other tasty favourites. It’s a popular summertime drinking vessel which punch, iced coffee and tea and other concoctions can be served in. This is the one glass with no specific cocktail to it but can be used for just about any of them if you want to be creative!
For more information and to buy the Frosted Mason Drinking Jar (frostiness for an extra chilled appearance), click here.

Irish Coffee = Irish Coffee Mug

You could use these glasses to simply drink coffee or tea from, but it wouldn’t be as tasty. Use the traditional Irish Coffee Mug to drink your classic Irish coffee. With its broad foot for stability and large capacity, the traditional rectangle shaped bowl will bring a bit of classic Irish to your cheeky coffee. The glass above has been tempered, meaning it won’t shatter if broken and will be much more durable than others that are untreated.
So for more information on the Irish Coffee Mug 290ml, and to buy, click here.

Bonus: Jagerbombs = Bomber Shot Glass

Granted, not an actual cocktail glass. But it is now used to serve bomb shots such as the Jagerbomb, Cherry Bomb and Flaming Dr Pepper in clubs and bars because of its two-in-one design. They are used by filling the outer chamber with a chaser of your choice, such as an energy drink. Then you fill up the small shot glass chamber with a liqueur such as Jagermeister and away you go! Bomb Shots are a great way to get the party started and with these glasses, it’s never been easier to serve them.
So for more information on the one above, click here to buy the Elite Polycarbonate Bomb Shots.  

Why not mix it up a bit?

Academy Glass Conical Flask 500ml

It’s okay to go against convention, especially as it’ll make a great talking point at parties and in bars. Be crazy and serve a Pina Colada in a Julep Cup! And any other crazy combinations! Academy Glass Conical Flask This 500ml conical flask is an awesome way to serve up drinks at your next party or in your bar. It’s memorable and fun. It’s also great for mixing cocktails and will be talked about for years – especially for university students studying chemistry! Mix up anything from Mojitos to Mimosas. No one says you have to stick to the rules!
For more details and to buy the Academy Glass Conical Flask, click here.

Coloured Glass Tiki Mugs

Coloured Glass Tiki Mugs 14oz / 400ml

Tiki mugs and glasses are always a favourite of mine. Whether it’s a Hawaiian party, BBQ or just a crazy birthday party, Tiki mugs never fail to get everyone talking and going back for more cocktails. This set includes four different colours; green, red, blue and yellow. Tiki heads are embossed on the front and back of these glasses ensuring a true tropical feel to your party. These novelty glasses are always great fun and I would quite happily drink a Singapore Sling from one of these! Be creative with your cocktails!
So for more details and to buy the Coloured Glass Tiki Mugs, click here.

Terracotta Hiball Cocktail Glass

Terracotta Hiball Cocktail Glass 8.8oz / 250ml

In the same classic, slim and tall design of a Highball glass, what makes this one different is what it’s made out of. Forget boring old glass and say hello to Terracotta. Capturing a true Spanish style to drinking, this glass has been handmade and is an awesome drinking vessel to serve just about any cocktail in. A Mint Julep would look delicious in this beautiful rustic Highball.
So for more information and to buy the Terracotta Hiball Cocktail Glass, click here.

Traditional School Milk Bottle

Traditional School Milk Bottles with Carry Crate

One of my favourite products, these traditional school milk bottles have multiple purposes. From encouraging your children to get their daily source of calcium by serving their milk up in one of these bottles, to filling them with sweets for wedding favours or even just as a decorative vase. But there’s nothing to stop you from pouring away the milkshake, putting back the fizzy drinks and filling these cute, vintage style milk bottles with a cocktail! As I said previously, be creative and funky when serving up your cocktails at parties. I’m sure if I drank a Screaming Orgasm from a milk bottle I would always remember it.
So for more details and to buy the Traditional School Milk Bottle, click here.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 0.9oz / 25ml

Meet the new shot serving trend. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. With a natural hint of salt from every sip, doing tequila slammers in these will eliminate the need of extra salt. Made from the finest food grade Himalayan pink salt, these natural appearance shot glasses are simply beautiful. The salt also contains natural anti-bacterial qualities that mean you simply have to wipe them after use; though it is advised you dry these straight away as they will erode over time – they are made of salt after all. Join the latest trend of drinking and serve up tequila slammers in these crazily cool salt shot glasses.
For more information and to buy the Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, click here.

Baked Bean Tin Can Cocktail Cup

Tin Can Cocktail Cup Silver 10oz / 280ml

For an up-cycled chic twist to your drink service, try these baked bean tin can cups. Great for serving Moscow Mules and Mint Juleps, but you could serve up anything you wanted in these beauts. Their authentic style will bring a rustic feel to any cocktail, plus you’ll be joining in on one of the biggest trends in bars at the moment. Each tin is 100% food safe, meaning they’re also great to serve side dishes on such as chips or desserts, like ice cream. Yum!
So for more details and to buy the Baked Bean Tin Can Cocktail Cup, click here.   

So whether you want to go with convention or break the mould, you now know which classic cocktails go with the traditional glass, plus some creative ideas for cocktailing flair! So go crazy and serve a Manhattan in a Moscow Mule or a Margarita in a Tiki Mug. Your guests and punters will thank you for it and always remember that you were the person who put the Pina Colada in a Sling glass!

That’s it for this week’s All You Need For but check back next Thursday for another addition and next week it’s all about Baking and Caking! For more All You Need For’s, click here.


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