All You Need For: Fresher’s Week – Part 2

Welcome back to the second installment of All You Need For Fresher’s Week. Take a look below at all the great things you’ll need for this fantastic week!

Following on from yesterday, there are many things that you need for Fresher’s Week that I bet you haven’t even thought about! I’m here to show you what you’ve missed and to help you find what you’re looking for!
If you missed yesterday’s article, never fear a link is here! So give it a click to read the first half of All You Need For Fresher’s Week! For those of you who did catch part 1, let’s continue on shall we?


1. Plastic Yard of Ale Glass with Lid

Plastic Yard of Ale Glass with Lid 2.8 Pint

For when a glass just isn’t big enough, there’s a Yard of Ale for that! Show off your drinking skills this Fresher’s Week with this 3ft long plastic glass. Able to hold 2.8 pints of any beer or cider, it even comes with a lid so if you’re not feeling up to chugging the entire thing, you can just enjoy a long, slow drink! Made from plastic, it’s durable and there’s no need to worry about smashing it during one of your cheered on chugs. Impress your new dorm mates or create a drinking game for you all to enjoy with this plastic yard of ale glass – with a lid! If you’re interested, want to know more and would like to buy the Plastic Yard of Ale Glass with Lid, click here my friends!


2. Red American Party Shot Cups

180-Cup Red American Party Cup and Shot Glass

In the previous All You Need For Fresher’s Week, I showed you the classic Red American Party Cups but this time, I have something even better! Shot Cups! In the same iconic shape and colour, these party shot cups are a great addition to any party. Great for Fresher’s Week as they’re also plastic, durable and if you don’t want the washing up at the end of the night – just chuck them away! They’re two in one cups, meaning when you flip them you have a shot cup and place them the other way, you’ve got yourself a normal cup. Save on breakages and cleaning with these double trouble american party shot cups. So if you’re intrigued and want to know more, click here for more information and to buy the Red American Party Shot Cups.


3. Plastic Travel Flask

Plastic Travel Flask 10oz / 300ml

As you can see, we love plastic! This flask isn’t only reusable, but it’s durable and lightweight because of the material it’s made from. If you can’t afford or find them too heavy to carry about, get yourself a plastic travel flask. Great for festivals, sporting events or even at a party – especially when the drinks they’re serving aren’t quite up to your taste. Fill up with your favourite spirit, liqueur or any other drink for that matter, and slip it into your pocket. With a screw cap to prevent leakage, this plastic travel flask is a great thing to bring to university and Fresher’s Week. For more information and to buy the Plastic Travel Flask, click here.


4. Red Cup Party Bucket

Red Cup Party Bucket 5.9ltr

See a pattern yet? Oh yes that’s right, I’ve got another Red American Party Cup alternative for you! This time, it’s bigger than ever! This time, it’s a bucket! Ideal for filling up with ice and keeping your bottles of alcohol in, this red cup party bucket will go great with the shots and cups! Don’t let your drinks get cold, get one of these beauts and keep your drinks cool all evening. This 5.9 litre bucket is durable with double walled ABS plastic and can have many uses besides holding your cans and bottles. How about just keep ice in it? Or serve your crisps and snacks in it at bigger Fresher’s Week parties. Or, if you want to serve punch or a ginormous cocktail, brew it up in this bad boy, pop in some straws or set out some cups (them red american party cups are good!) and allow your new friends and guests to help themselves. You didn’t even know you needed one until I showed you! So if you’re interested and want to know more, click here for more information and to buy the Red Cup Party Bucket.


5. Twist N Shot Jelly Shot Cups

Twist n' Shot Jelly Shot Cups 2oz / 60ml

What’s better than a shot? A jelly shot of course. Bring the party to a new level and whip out your jelly shots! These cups will make it simple for you to make and serve too. Simply fill it up with your jelly and spirit mix, chill it, then when you’re ready, twist the top of the cup and shoot your homemade jelly shot! Wow and impress, and keep the party going with jelly shots in these awesome Twist N Shot cups. Simple and effective! To buy and for more information, click here for the Twist N Shot Jelly Shot Cups.


6. Double Downer Beer Bong

Double Downer Beer Bong

You may be wondering what I’m showing you but wait for it. This my friends is a double downer beer bong. Not just any beer bong – nope, this device allows you to down two bottles at once! Simply slip on two bottles, tilt back your head and show off your drinking skills but chugging two bottles in one go. As it’s pocket sized, it’s perfect this Fresher’s Week to take out with you to bars or to dorm parties. It’s easy to use and will fit most bottle necks. As the straws redirect air, it will allow you to down two bottles in seconds! Stun and wow your new friends with your party trick. Click here to buy and for more information on the Double Downer Beer Bong.


7. Disposable Pint Tumblers

Disposable Pint Tumblers LCE at 20oz / 568ml

No one likes broken glass – especially not if you’re the one cleaning it up. Also, no one likes washing up. So I have the perfect solution. Yes, it’s a plastic cup. Throw it away at the end of the night and be free of washing up and breakages. These pint glasses are made from a flexible and durable material meaning they’ll last the night. Simply pop them out and let everyone else do the work. At the end of the party, chuck it all in the bin. That’s how you throw a Fresher’s Week party. Without all these stresses, you can relax and throw an awesome party for all your new friends. As I said, the perfect solution. Click here for more information and to buy the Disposable Pint Tumblers.


8. 24 Hole Rack with Test Tube Shots

24 Hole Test Tube Rack with Test Tube Shots

If shot glasses are too boring for you, I offer an alternative. Test Tube Shots. Just like shooters, you can fill these up with your favourite spirits or liqueurs and shoot like a scientist. These 24 test tube shots come with a rack to hold them all allowing you to transport, store and serve without any breakages . Each tube comes with a lid too, to save any spillages. It’s a new and unusual way to serve your shots and will go down a hit this Fresher’s Week. Click here to buy and for more information on the 24 Hole Rack with Test Tube Shots.


9. Crazy Straw Glasses

Crazy Straw Glasses

Because I love the wacky and wonderful, you too should embrace your fun and crazy side this Fresher’s Week. The great thing about this awesome invention is that it’s handy. Everyone loves a straw. Now, you can wear it. Be silly and have fun with these crazy straw glasses. A weird and wonderful way to sip on your beer or cider, or even just on your soft drink. All your new friends will want to wear your wacky straw glasses, plus they’re reusable! But if you’ve let the entire campus try them, you might want to boil wash or buy a new pair! Simply connect the straws from your drink to the sides of the glasses and get sipping! Click here to buy and for more information on the Crazy Straw Glasses.


10. CoronaRita Bottle Holder & Schooner Glass

CoronaRita Bottle Holder & Schooner Glass

And finally, don’t miss out the drinking craze of the year at your Fresher’s Week. Combine the best of Mexico into one drink; an ice cold Margarita cocktail with a delicious Corona. This device allows you to tap your Corona onto the side of your Schooner glass so you can keep sipping your Margarita and Corona without going back for more too soon. The clip attaches easily to the side of the heavyweight stemmed Schooner glass and will hold your beer bottle steady in order for you to enjoy your CoronaRita. The glass will come in handy too, as a normal cocktail glass or even as a dessert bowl – who doesn’t like dessert? So this Fresher’s Week, bring this year’s drinking trend to university and keep the CoronaRita craze going! For more information and to buy the CoronaRita Bottle Holder & Schooner Glass, click here.


And that’s it I’m afraid! I have shown you all you will need this Fresher’s Week! I hope you all have a good time making new friends and enjoying your freedom! Remember to stay hydrated and don’t forget that plastic cups are a godsend to the hungover! Happy Fresher’s Week and #ilovefreshers.

If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check back next Thursday for another installment of All You Need For, and next week it’s Wine Night! Also, check out previous installments helping you be prepared for just about party or event. #HappyCocktailing

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