All You Need For: Unique Glassware

Let’s face it, glasses are so last year. Why serve up a cocktail in a boring glass when there’s hundreds of unique and novelty glassware out there?

In this week’s All You Need For, I’ll be showing you all the weird and wonderful ways to serve your drinks. Say goodbye to those boring Highball and Tumbler glasses, and hello to milk bottles, fish bowls and chalices! Get funky and creative with your serving style!

Drinking Jar With Grip

Drinking Jar With Grip 18oz / 510ml
Let’s start off calmly with this drinking jar. What makes it unique? Well if you hadn’t noticed already, this drinking jar has an embossed finger grip design making them easy to hold and a novelty way to serve cocktails. These mason jars are subtly fun without being garish or too in your face. The comfortable style means that even with condensation, you’ll be able to keep a good grip on your drink. Based on the classic American mason jar design, these funky and unique drinking jars with grip will be a talking point at your next party! So for more details and to buy the Drinking Jar with Grip, click here.

Aluminium Drinks Can Cup With Lid

Aluminium Drinks Can Cup with Lid 17.5oz / 500ml
We’ve all seen the new tin Mint Julep cups but forget them and meet these aluminium can cups that even come with a traditional can-lid for extra authenticity. Excellent for outdoor summer parties and festivals as the lid will stop any spillages; there’s even a sip hole in it so you can drink from this cup like a normal can. Fill it with anything from ice cold cocktails to a refreshing can of water. The aluminium can cup offers a unique and practical way to serve drinks at parties and BBQs. Get creative and click here for more information on the Aluminium Can Cup with Lid.   

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl White

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl White 105.5oz / 3ltr
If you’re not a pirate and don’t fancy drinking from a tin can, you can still be creative with your serving. Meet the fish bowl. For sharing and punch presentation, these plastic cocktail fish bowls are an excellent, funky way to serve your brews and concoctions at parties. Able to hold 3 litres, you could decorate this fish bowl to liven it up or don’t use it for drinks at all. You could fill them with sweets for weddings and children’s parties, or even use it as a vase! You can’t go wrong when purchasing a fish bowl because of all its purposes. Reusable with an opaque white finish, these bowls are durable and a great addition to your serving style. So for more information and to buy the Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl, click here.   

Kilner Cocktail Jars With Lids And Straws

Kilner Cocktail Jars 0.5ltr with Lids and Straws
If you’re not feeling the fish bowl and you’re looking for something smaller to be creative with, try these Kilner cocktail jars; they even come with lids and straws to save on spillages! Be unique when serving your cocktails. The lids come with a flower shape straw-hole design and the straws are funky with red and white stripes. These are sure to catch people’s eye and compliment your home brews. Part of the Kilner jar collection these jars are perfect for your creative serving style! To buy and for more information on the Kilner Cocktail Jars with Lids and Straws, click here.   

Traditional School Pint Milk Bottle

Traditional School Pint Milk Bottle 20oz / 580ml
Able to hold a pint (580ml) of any beverage from cocktails to fizzy drinks to milk, these traditional school style milk bottles are sure to go down a hit at your next party or gathering. Ideal for adding a rustic look to your kitchen or just for a funky way to serve cocktails to your friends, these bottles can even be used as vases or as a kitchen decoration. A fun way to get your kids to drink their daily milk and an even more fun way to drink smoothies, milkshakes and that cheeky Long Island Iced Tea you make, these milk bottles are on-trend and offer a unique touch to your serving style. So to buy and for more details on the Traditional School Pint Milk Bottle, click here.   

Squashed Tin Can Mug Purple

Squashed Tin Can Mug Purple 7.8oz / 220ml
Sticking with unique, you’ve heard of the Mint Julep mug? Well meet the squashed tin can mug. This unusual mug offers an eye catching and unique way to serve drinks. Made from thermal shock resistant ceramic, these funky handled mugs are great for serving anything from cocktails to hot beverages to even a side of chips! Colourful and definitely a talking point, these mugs have a crumpled tin can design finished with a smooth glaze. Get rid of your boring glasses and bring on the funky mugs! So to buy and for more details on the Squashed Tin Can Mug click here.   

Yorkshire Family Recipe Barrel Mugs

Like rustic charm? Well you’ll love this barrel mug! They offer a traditional way to serve home brews and are also ideal for serving iced tea and cocktails. With a unique barrel effect design, these tankards are a twist on the drinking jar trend. Featuring an embossed design of ‘Family Recipe’ you will get the rustic charm you’ve always desired for your serving style. Able to hold a generous 17.5 US fl.oz, your home brewed beers will have never tasted better. So for more information and to buy the Yorkshire Family Recipe Barrel Mugs, click here.   

Tower Of Cups Cocktail Mug

Yorkshire Family Recipe Barrel Mugs 17.5oz
Moving onto the weird and wonderful, take a look at this awesome tower of cups mug! No, it isn’t three mugs stacked together – it’s just the design! Able to hold 265ml, you could serve up your drinks in one of these for your Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or just a funky cocktail night! This hollow cocktail cup sculpture is a work of art and follows the quirky trend of a unique serving style. Designed to look like three, it is one tall cup that you can fill with any beverage you desire. Made from ceramic with a smooth finish, this strange and beautiful drinking vessel will be talked about by your guests for years to come! For more information and to buy the Tower of Cups Cocktail Mug, click here.   

Glass Measuring Beaker

Academy Glass Conical Flask 500ml
From vintage charm to mad scientist, these glass measuring beakers are a great, novelty way to serve drinks. It even features graduated lines up to 80ml, these beakers are a fun way to serve your concoctions! Made from durable borosilicate glass, they also feature a pouring lip and will be a great focal point at your next wacky party! Click here to buy and for more details on the Glass Measuring Beaker.   

Monkey Putu Coconut Cup

Monkey Putu Coconut Cup 7oz / 200ml
And last but not least we have my favourite, craziest and strangest drinking vessel. This coconut cup is hand carved and made from a real coconut, making it the best cup to have at your next Hawaiian party. Carved to make it look like a monkey’s face, these tiki themed cups can hold up to 200ml of any cocktail or beverage. The liquid is contained inside with a plastic cup but on the outside, they look like traditional Hawaiian coconut drinking cups. Add a realistic touch of tropical paradise to your drinks with these charming Putu monkey cups. To find out more and to buy the Monkey Putu Coconut Cup, click here.   

That’s it for this week’s All You Need For and the end of the wacky drinking vessels. I hope you’ve enjoyed this addition and I will see you next Thursday for another All You Need For. To check out previous articles, click here!

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