All You Need For: Wine Night

Welcome to another installment of All You Need For, keeping you prepared for any event or party. This time, it’s all about wine night!

For those of you who prefer sipping on wine than beer, this is for you. I’m here to show you all the things you need for an excellent wine night! Invite your friends, invite your family – even invite your neighbours because I’ve got your back and with this All You Need For article, you will be the King/Queen of hosting wine night.

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I’ve got everything from the perfect wine glass to how to keep your favourite bubbly cool. Let’s have a look shall we?


1. Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver

Let’s kick things off by starting right at the beginning of wine night. In order to get the best flavours out of any wine, it needs to be at the correct temperature. For whites and roses, usually they taste the best when they’re cool, whereas reds are best drunk warm. So how do you control the temperatures so carefully to make sure you drink it properly? Well this nifty wine fridge will do just that for you. With an adjustable thermostat and an electronic display, it will make sure that your reds stay warm and your whites stay cool. It’s a great product and a perfect size for a home bar, kitchen or living room. The cooler utilises thermoelectric technology so it is highly efficient and has a quiet running operation. It has a gorgeous sleek finish with a glass door and removable shelves. Drink your wine at the right temperature to get the best flavour and experience out of wine night. If you’re interested, click here for more information and to buy the Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar.


2. Pulltap Pullparrot Double Lift Corkscrew

Pulltap Pullparrot Double Lift Corkscrew

Next up, we have to open these bottles we so nicely cooled or warmed. Not only does this little corkscrew have a wrapper cutter, a bottle opener but it also has a corkscrew that is critically acclaimed. It is the 1st Prize winner at the Gevrey-Chambertin corkscrew contest in France. So you won’t just be getting awesome quality when you buy this corkscrew, but an award winning item. Great for removing the toughest of corks effortlessly and is a great addition to your home bar or kitchen. This is a must have for Wine Night. To buy and for more information on the Pulltap Pullparrot Double Lift Corkscrew, click here.


3. Ravenhead Bouquet Red Wine Glasses

Ravenhead Bouquet Red Wine Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml

Next, we need something to drink our cool or warmed opened wine from. If it’s red, you’re going to need this glass. Designed specifically for red wine, its shape will help you fully appreciate the colour, aroma and the taste of your favourite wine. Its curved bowl and narrow rim will enhance the bouquet, making it an excellent glass for tasting red wine. Its elegant shape and long stem makes it not only look amazing but will accentuate the wine, giving you its full flavour. You can’t do wine night without it! Click here for more information and to buy the Ravenhead Bouquet Red Wine Glass.


4. Open Up Soft Wine Glasses

Not only is this a popular item among our customers but it is also a great vessel to drink wine from. Because of its shape, it also acts as a mini decanter; it allows the wine to breathe while the angled sides help oxidise your wine while pouring. It truly is one of the greats. Made by Kwarx, these glasses have a highly resistant finish and sheer transparency. Able to hold 470 ml of your favourite wine, whether it be white, rose or red, these Open Up Soft Wine Glasses are the bees knees when it comes to glasses, especially for wine night if you’re tasting new ones too. Shock resistant and extra dish-washer resistant to keep its brilliance after 2000 washes, you will be proud to serve up wine in these beauts. For the Open Up Soft Wine Glasses, click here.


5. Cabernet Champagne Flutes

74539_large.jpg (600×600)

Another invention by Kwarx brings us these gorgeous champagne flutes. Like the glass above, they are also shock and dish-washer resistant making sure you get plenty of use out of these beautiful glasses. Designed specifically for champagne, its thin rim will help enhance the taste and aromas of your favourite bubbly. It’s elegant with its tall, slim shape and will be a lovely addition to your shelves. Bring out these glasses on special occasions when the champagne is called! For more information and to buy the Cabernet Champagne Flutes, click here.


6. Elegance Coupe Champagne Glasses

Elegance Coupe Champagne Glasses 5.6oz / 160ml

If you’re not a fan of the flute glass or fancy something different for wine night, these coupe champagne glasses are perfect! In 20’s style, this unique and sophisticated saucer glass is great for serving champagne. And when you’re not using it for your bubbly, they are ideal for cocktails and even desserts – if you want to be fancy. For when you want to bring a bit of elegance to your wine night or celebrations, look no further than the coupe glasses. If you’re interested and want to know more, click here for more information and to buy the Elegance Coupe Champagne Glasses.


7. Stainless Steel & Leather Wine Bottle Coaster

Stainless Steel & Leather Wine Bottle Coaster

So you’ve cooled or warmed your wine, you’ve opened it, you’ve filled your glass and now, what to do with the wine bottle…Well if it’s white, you keep it cool. But if it’s red? Well you could set it down on the table but you wouldn’t want to get ring stains now would you? Well here’s the solution. This trendy looking bottle coaster provides surface protection against stains, scratches from the bottle and of course those horrible ring marks. It has a lovely soft satin effect base giving it an elegant finish; it is a chic and classy way to keep your wine in hands’ reach and avoids any damage to your surfaces. Handy! So if you would like more information or to buy the Stainless Steel & Leather Wine Bottle Coaster, click here.


8. Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Cooler

Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Cooler

But if you’re not drinking red wine, and prefer a bit of the white or rose and want to keep your wine also in hands’ reach, there’s the wine cooler! Being one of our most popular products in the range, I’m showing you just one of many. This wine cooler has a double-walled stainless steel construction and a brush finish, making it a chic and stylish way to keep your wine cool this wine night – plus because of the material it’s made from, it’s virtually unbreakable. And another plus, like the coaster, this wine cooler doesn’t leave condensation marks on the surface it’s sat on, so no nasty ring marks! Able to a hold a 75cl litre bottle of wine or champagne, this is an essential item for your wine night. For more information and to buy the Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Cooler, click here.


9. Stainless Steel Champagne Stopper

Stainless Steel Champagne Stopper

This is another very crucial item. If you’re drinking sparkling wine or champagne, you don’t want to let all the bubbles out and spoil it! Keep your bubbly fresh with this stainless steel stopper; it has a clamp that will fit most bottle necks and a plastic bung to seal in all the loveliness of your fizzy drink. Don’t forget to get yourself a champagne stopper for your wine night or party! For more information and to buy the Stainless Steel Champagne Stopper, click here.


10. Wine Glass Plate Clips

Wine Glass Plate Clips

And last but not least, one of the most important things about wine night is the food! Food that compliments the wine you’re tasting – such as awesome cheese. If you’re having a big wine night or a little one, food is always a key factor. However, do you ever struggle to find somewhere to set your wine down when you’re trying to eat? Well we’ve solved that problem once and for all with this handy little device. These wine glass plate clips, or ‘Buffet Maid Clips’ simply attach onto the side of your plate and will hold your wine glass snugly by the the stem, making it easy for you to nibble on your cheese and hors d’oeuvres whilst still enjoying your wine. Always keep one hand free! (usually to get more food and wine). So if you’re interested and want one of these, click here for more information and to buy the Wine Glass Plate Clips.


So that wraps up this week’s All You Need For. Now that you’re armed with all you need for an excellent wine night, I hope you have a great time and don’t forget the cheese. If I could’ve given it its own point, I would’ve done but we don’t sell cheese I’m afraid – a fact I do truly despise. However, check back in the next Thursday for more All You Need For items helping you be prepared for any party or occasion! #HappyCocktailing and #Cheese&Wine

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