Black Enamel; The 2017 urban tableware trend

2017 is already upon us, now is the time for your venue to get ahead on the newest look.

Black enamel tableware is tipped by professionals to be a key range in the new direction for urban tableware.

Why is Black Enamel such a surefire hit?

Great question, for two main reasons; The popularity of enamel tableware as a whole Enamel Tableware has been a key staple of many on-trend catering businesses over the last 2-3 years. Not only providing a clean, classic look to many dishes but also giving the feeling of a home-cooked, hearty menu. The simplistic and durable design of the ranges caters to multiple uses within the catering industry with many of the same tableware pieces used for multiple serving options, see some below examples just for enamel mugs that we’ve seen over the years:

 Chips served in enamel mug coffee in enamel mug

Sides served in enamel mug soup served in enamel mug

Dessert in enamel mug cocktail in enamel mug

Darker colour ranges are ‘in’ for 2017 tableware. Not only is the black enamel tableware one of the most versatile ranges for multiple serving options, but the darker shades in urban tableware are now becoming the most popular. This is apparent in many London-based on-trend restaurants, smoke houses, and cafes. The darker grey or gunmetal shades are now being seen in most influential urban catering venues, alongside copper items and dark wood tables/items. Shop the Black Enamel Range Now!

Origins of Enamel Tableware Enamel tableware items were first brought to market over 150 years ago, early items are noticeably heavier due to the production process at the time. Brightly coloured enamel tableware is particularly post WW2 era and is largely linked to the 1960’s & 70’s. Modern day use of enamel tableware in urban catering thus gives a distinct home-cooked and authentic feel to dining and many items are used for serving classic comfort food dishes. For inspiration or to see our entire range of enamel tableware click here!

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