Daiquiri Recipe

How to make a Daiquiri Cocktail

One of the International Bartenders Association‘s “Unforgettables”, the Daiquiri is a classic base cocktail essentially consisting of rum and sweetened citrus juice. The Daiquiri has its origins in Cuba, and is named after the beach and mining village of the same name, where it is believed to be invented during the Spanish-American war in 1898. However, much like the classic Mojito cocktail, there are early instances of the basic Daiquiri combination of rum, lime juice and water recorded during the high times of naval combat around the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th century.


50ml of White Rum
35ml of Lime Juice
4 tsp of Simple Syrup
Lime Wedge for garnish


Add all of the ingredients in to an ice filled cocktail shaker
Shake until the cocktail shaker is cold to the touch
Strain into a glass
Garnish with a wedge of a lime