This Bar in Dalston Wants You to Drink Gin & Make a Wish

Want to Drink Gin & Make a Wish?

Ok so here at Drinkstuff we’re all about weird and wonderful cocktails. And I’ve got to say this drink is possibly one of my favourites to date. The Three Sheets in Dalston is currently offering a special Gin & Soda that involves a coin. The Wishing Well features Bombay Sapphire gin infused with coriander seed, jasmine tea, hay and lemon peel with soda water. Now, this may sound like a fairly normal drink but this is where the fun starts. In parts of North Africa, crushed coriander seeds get thrown into the air to make a wish. How does this have anything to do with the drink I hear you ask. So when you get the drink you drop in a clean coin, this causes the drink to fizz and activates coriander, which then releases an aroma of dry coriander above your drink.

So the coriander in the air and the motion of dropping a coin into liquid (think wishing well) you get double the chances to make your wish come true!

This special cocktail is being served for a limited time and is part of the ‘A Gin of Ten Journeys’ celebration. The cocktails in this celebration enhance one of the botanicals in Bombay Sapphire Gin. And even better, the pound coin that finds it way into your drink then goes to The Well Foundation. Nice!

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