Introducing the Drinkstuff Winter 2017 Style Guide!

Here at Drinkstuff we’re constantly looking at new ways of inspiring our customers, and what better way than having our own on-trend look book! Our look book features all the products you need to make your venue stand out this winter. From wintery desserts to cocktails and hot drinks, we’re here to serve inspiration.

Cheese & Wine

Cheese Board

Being able to offer an attractive cheese and wine menu can be incredibly beneficial. Customers might be looking for a lighter option, something to share with friends, or even an alternative to a dessert and a cheese board is just that. Having a cheese and wine option on a menu will often encourage a customer to spend more throughout an evening.

Cocktails & Mixing

If your venue features a bar or a cocktail menu, you’ll want to create a lasting impression on your guests. We have a huge selection of glassware and barware, so not only will your staff be using the best tools of the trade, but you’ll also be able to serve your signature drink in the perfect vessel.

Coffee & Tea

With more businesses serving hot drinks than ever before, investing in tableware that is distinctive will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Stunning tableware will not only frame your hot drinks perfectly, but they will help to ensure you have returning, regular customers. With green tea and herbal teas increasing in popularity, why not serve your tea using an infuser, not only does it look good, but it will help upsell drinks well.

Copper Barware

Copper barware is a quick, simple and effective way to achieve a modern look in your venue. Using copper barware to create cocktails creates a premium feel and can draw attention to your cocktail menu, increasing cocktail sales.


Cutlery and how you display cutlery will be noticed by customers, so why not use it to make an impression? Table caddies are an easy way to provide customers with both condiments and cutlery, saving time and often precious table space.

British Dishes

English Classic

As the weather gets colder, classic comfort food becomes popular. Make sure this year you have the tableware to bring a modern twist to some classic British dishes.

Gin Service

If you’re an on-trade venue, you have most likely already seen the uplift recently in gin sales. Now is the time to capitalise on this trend by catering to the ever-increasingly discerning gin drinker and serve their favourite tipple in style.



If your venue serves classic grilled dishes, we have affordable and quality tableware that will ensure your menu stands out. Introducing sharing platters is a great way of upselling on your menu and increasing profit.

New Year’s

New years’ is a time for celebration. Customers are excited, positive and looking to have a great time. Make their new years’ special by going the extra mile to make their celebration drinks ones they will remember.

Soup & Bread

Do your customers order your ‘Soup of the Day’? It might be time to enhance your offering and increase uptake by serving your soup in homemade and rustic inspired crockery. A popular choice, we have a huge range of simple yet inspiring tableware.

Winter Desserts

Increase your dessert sales by offering seasonal options. Retro inspired tableware can give that winter comfort food look to items that may already appear on your menu, saving you time and effort reinventing your menu.

Winter Warmers

When the temperature drops, your sales need not. Increase hot drink sales at your venue by offering festive drinks with minimal effort by use of our extensive syrup range. Using specialised glassware for hot drinks will increase the appeal of mulled wines and ciders.

If you want to get your hands on a copy of our Look Book you can either download it HERE or head on over to the website and have a look at our Look Book Ranges.

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