Enchanted Unitail Recipe

Enchanted Unitail
With added glitter and sparkles, this Enchanted Unitail is perfect for exploring your dreams!
  1. 25ml of Creme de Violette
  2. 25ml of Strawberry Liqueur
  3. 200ml of Coconut Milk
  4. Purple Sprinkles, for the rim
  5. Whipped Cream, Wafer Curl and Pink Candy Corn for garnish
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To rim the glass
  1. With a clean sponge gently wipe some of the strawberry liqueur around the rim of the champagne glass
  2. Dip the champagne glass into a bowl of sprinkle and twist the glass until the rim is covered in sprinkles
  3. Set aside and leave to dry
To make the cocktail
  1. Add the Creme de Violette to half of the coconut milk, gently stir to combine and set aside
  2. Add the Strawberry Liqueur to the other half of the coconut milk, gently stir to combine and set aside
  3. Fill a champagne glass with crushed ice
  4. Gently pour in the pink and purple coconut milk alternating between the two to create a layered effect
  5. Add whipped cream to the top of the cocktail, and place the Wafer Curl and Pink Candy Corn into position so it looks like a horn and ears
  1. For added sparkle dust the top of the cocktail with edible glitter
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