A Full English Breakfast in a Jar? Would you Eat it?

Ok, so you must have seen on social media this week that a Restuarant in Cardiff is serving a traditional Full English Breakfast in a jar. If not check out the Instagram post below:

The owners of the restaurant have said that the reason they are serving it in jars is so that their customers can take their Full English Breakfast away with them. I mean sure it’s a nice eco-friendly way of serving the breakfast, there’s no plastic in sight and you can reuse it. But it does leave me with a few questions, firstly how do you keep the eggs and beans separate? Do you get to choose what goes in the jar? And most importantly, if you take the jar back do you get a discount on your next breakfast?¬†
Would you eat your Full English out of a jar or is it a step too far? Let us know what you think! 

Other Quirky Ways to Serve Food

We’ve scoured the internet for some of our favourite quirky ways to serve meals. Here are our top 5:

  1. Bin Lid РYep you read that right! A Bin lid! Ok not like an actual bin lid, but a galvanised tray designed to look like a bin lid.
  2. Miniature Picnic Bench – Our miniature picnic benches are a great way to serve sharing meals like an afternoon tea or even tapas!
  3. Miniature Shopping Baskets – You can kinda see where I’m going with this, but how cool are the miniature shopping baskets?! Great for serving chips!
  4. Tin Cans – We’ve called them cocktail tin cans, but let’s be honest you could use them to serve everything from cocktails to sides!
  5. Copper Fry Baskets – So not only do they look like chip frying baskets, but they’re copper. SO ON TREND.

So there you have it our top 5 quirky ways to serve food! I know how I’ll be serving food at my next dinner party!



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