Geek your beer with the Android Kegerator

Beer and technology don’t often mix well…think inappropriate Facebook pictures and your phone drowned in a pint of beer. However, geeks can now rejoice with the invention of the Android Kegerator (not suitable for Apple users)! This Android tablet operated kegerator, known as the KegDroid has been designed by Google employee Paul Carff. The KegDroid uses a Motorola Xoom tablet running ICS for primary processing and an Ardunio board which links the mechancial pumping processes and an NFC reader to the tablet. Users then swipe their NFC badge over the reader, which pulls information from their Google+ profile to ensure you’re old enough to be served by the KegDroid. The user can choose their glass size and beer type, then open the tap while the Android mascot dispenses the beverage straight into a glass. Now that’s what technology was made for!

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