Glass Wine Tank

We thought we sold some crazy drinking gadgets, but the Wine Glass Tank from quirky Japanese designers Kyousei Design really takes the biscuit. Forget about swigging wine like a hobo straight from the bottle, drinking vast quantities of wine has become much more sophisticated.

Glass Wine Tank

Eliminating the need to refill your glass, by the time you’ve guzzled your way through the entire contents of this absurd drinking vessel, you’ll probably find you’ve had plenty enough vino for one evening. As the designers state “it is a glass for drinking a lot”, but we can’t help but feel they’ve been drinking too much themselves.

Insane or Clever?

The Glass Tank features a large blub shaped reservoir, which continually keeps the burgundy shape glass stuck on the side full. Try not to get too confused though, it doesn’t have magical rejuvenating properties so you will still have to top it up when it gets empty.

Now for the science bit (pay attention at the back!): when the amount in the glass decreases, a constant measure flows from the tank into the glass, never overflowing due to the perfect balance of air pressure and water pressure. Swirling not recommended.

How It Works

We’d love to try one out to see if it really does work and you can drink from it without the need to put your stain remover to the test, but at 32,000 yen, that’s around £240 to you and me, it’s one expensive gift! Until then, we’ll just have to find other fun ways to drink our wine. Now, pass that bottle!

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