❄️Glogg, Scandinavian Mulled Wine Recipe❄️

❄️How to make Glogg or Scandinavian Mulled Wine❄️

A Scandinavian take on traditional Mulled Wine, this Glogg Mulled Wine recipe is perfect for serving at parties and gatherings over the winter months.

Ingredients: To serve 4

750ml of Red Wine
100ml of Brandy
100g of Brown Sugar
1 tbsp of Honey
1 Vanilla Pod
4 Glace Cherries
2 Cinnamon Sticks
4 Cloves
4 Star Anise
A handful of Raisins
Flaked Almonds, for garnish


Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan
Gently heat
Gently stir until the sugar has dissolved
Once the sugar has dissolved, strain into a heatproof glass
Garnish with flaked almonds

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