Host a Tailgate Party Like an American

Tailgating combines the two things Americans do best; food and partying! The practise of filling your boot with booze and BBQ food before heading to a sports stadium parking lot has been popular in America for years. Now you can follow our tips for hosting your own American style tailgate party in the UK!

Source: Ben Vardi, Wikipedia

The perfect tailgate party car is a hatchback or pick up truck with a large boot for carrying all your supplies. Once you’ve got a car sorted why not pick up your mates and head out to the countryside or use a local stadium or arena car park (with permission of course!).

An important element of tailgating is the food, so stock up on all the BBQ essentials such as burgers, hot dogs and ribs, as well as food such as baked beans and salads. The Son of Hibachi Barbecue is the perfect choice for BBQing on the go as it’s quick and easy to set up and comes with a snuff out pouch for packing away again.

Son of Hibachi Barbecue

No tailgate party is complete without some booze, beer being the obvious choice. Stock up on American style beers such as Budweiser and Millers (we’ll forgive you if you don’t choose the light version) for the ultimate way to start your party. Our brand new Gulp Beer Tower Bar Set has been designed with tailgating and American style parties in mind and includes those iconic Red American Party Cups (as seen on American Pie and lots of other teenage American films) as well as a 3ltr Beer Dispenser.

Gulp Beer Tower Bar Set

If you’re hosting a tailgating party you’re going to need some entertainment, such as music and drinking games. Popular tailgate games include Beer Pong, Cornhole, Flipcup, Ladder Toss and other lawn games. Another way to liven up your tailgate party is to include drinking gadgets such as a Beer Bong Funnel or a Thirst Aid Beer Helmet.

Beer Pong

Happy tailgating!
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