Hot Tubs and Films on the Roof? – Good uses for a Lay Z Spa No.1

Good uses for a  Lay Z Spa – Hot tub Cinema!

“Hot tubs and cinemas together?” I hear you say. Well that’s the order of the day at London’s Hot Tub Cinema, a funky new endeavour that has popped up in various venues in London over the last year. Why queue up to sit in a dark cramped cinema, having your seat kicked constantly by the toddlers behind you when you can enjoy some of the coolest films on the planet from the comfort of a rooftop hot tub? And even if you don’t like the films, enjoy your drink and the company as you gaze out across the stunning views of London’s night-time skyline.

Hot Tub Cinema began privately about seven years ago. Since then it has grown in increments, reaching the stage of a handful of hot tubs in a garden in Stoke Newington about 18 months ago, at which point they realised it was time to find some new & exciting venues for their expanding endeavours.

They’re currently running from the rooftop of Netil360 in East London and parties regularly sell out very quickly so we recommend keeping a close eye on their future events if you would like to book tickets. For regular updates go to or find them on Facebook.  General Entry tickets start from £22. Private tubs are from £25 per head (£200 per tub split between up to 8 attendees). Tickets include access to the rooftop, hot tubs, waiter service and film screening. Some events are B.Y.O. but soft drinks are often included.

We’re very pleased to see that Hot Tub Cinema are proud supporters of the Lay Z Spa inflatable Hot Tub. Although we’re not sure 8 to a tub is recommended! If you want to create your own Hot Tub Cinema night, the Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4 is currently available for under £400 from and includes a free bonus filter pack.

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