How To Make Rainbow Shots

Rainbow Shots are the most impressive party trick to sweep the nation! Just like performing a magic trick right in front of your guests, you’ll never fail to wow the crowd with this shooter recipe.

How It Works

With all the four liquids possessing different densities, you can stack them up within the shaker to create this genius layered effect. With extreme care and some clever bartender tricks, you can stack them up within the shaker. As you start pouring, slight colour bleeds occur to create the rainbow effect transition between each layer.

What You Need

Four simple cocktail tools are all you need to create this party trick. Firstly, a Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin to make your creation in. Then, to prevent the layers from mixing, you’ll need a Copper Twisted Mixing Spoon. Next, a Copper Thimble Bar Measure 50ml allows you to add just the right amount. Lastly, but probably most importantly, a Copper Hawthorne Strainer to stop the ice from entering the shot glasses. To serve, we recommend our very own City Shot Glasses 2.4oz / 70ml.


15ml of Grenadine, 175ml of Orange Juice, 30ml of Vodka, 25ml of Blue Curacao and plenty of Ice to top up the shaker tin with. This should create between 5-8 shots depending on the size of your shot glasses.

How To Make The Rainbow Shots

The main thing to remember is to add everything gently to avoid each ingredient mixing together too soon.

Step 1. Add 15ml of Grenadine to the base of an empty Shaker Tin, then add a handful of Ice over the top.
Step 2. Now, add the 175ml of Orange Juice. Pour this in over the reverse side of a Mixing Spoon to break the fall of the liquid and prevent mixing.
3. Now top up with another handful of ice.
4. Add the 30ml of Vodka over the reverse side of a Mixing Spoon and then add the 25ml of Blue Curacao.
5. As soon as you’ve added the Curacao, you need to work quickly! Add the Strainer to the tin and start pouring into the Shot Glasses.

Top Tips

This may take a few tries to get right, in fact, for the video above, this was my 12th attempt!! The most important thing is to prevent the layers mixing too soon within the shaker, using a Mixing Spoon to delicately break the fall of any liquids you pour in is essential. Adding plenty of ice as you go also acts as a barrier between the layers.

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