Irish Coffee Recipe

How to Make an Irish Coffee

Created by Joe Sheridan in the winter of 1943, this coffee based cocktail was created to warm cold and weary passengers in the Foynes Port after disembarking a Pan Am flying boat; the drink soon became an airport speciality. After WW2 the drink was taken to the USA by travel journalist, Stanton Delaplane, who persuaded his local bar the Buena vista Café to recreate the drink. With hundreds of variations of the cocktail in existence, the basic ingredients will always remain the same and this recipe looks to recreate the original as closely as possible.


50ml of Whiskey
200ml Freshly Brewed Black Coffee
3 Teaspoons of Simple Syrup
Whipped Cream


Add the Freshly Brewed Coffee to a heat resistant glass
Add the Simple Syrup and stir
Pour in the Whiskey and stir to combine
Add Whipped Cream as desired

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