It’s Jamaican Independence Day – Bring on the Rum!


It’s a Great Day for Jamaica, not only after the lightning-fast Olympic antics of Usain Bolt and Johan Blake in last night’s 100m final but also today is the 50th anniversary celebration of Jamaican Independence.

Rum is definitely the flavour of the day, however take your time with it, and certainly don’t knock it back in 9.63 seconds! (especially if it’s Jamaican overproof!). Perhaps join the celebrations in style with a refreshing chilled Jamaican Iced Tea?  We highly recommend mixing it up with our Cocktail Starter Pack which is currently available at a 38% discount from our website and includes a The Bar Book, the most comprehensive cocktail guide ever written, with over 1000 recipes.  In case Rum or Iced Tea aren’t your thing!

Cocktail Starter Pack


Jamaican Iced Tea (per Serving)

50ml Dark Jamaican rum

300ml Iced tea

1 pinch cinnamon

1 pinch nutmeg

1 Teaspoon of Brown Sugar

1 Lime cut into 1/8 size wedges

ice cubes


Pour 50ml of Dark Jamaican Rum into a Cocktail Shaker.  Add Spices and sugar if desired and the Ice Tea. Shake well and decant into a chilled glass with a handful of Ice Cubes and a wedge of lime. Chill out, pull up a chair and sip along to the Athletics finals!

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