Key West Cooler Recipe

How to Make a Key West Cooler Cocktail


25ml of Vodka
25ml of Melon Liqueur
25ml of Peach Schnapps
25ml of Coconut Rum
75ml of Cranberry Juice
75ml of Orange Juice
Orange Slice, for garnish


Fill a glass with Crushed Ice and pour in the Melon Liqueur
Add the Peach Schnapps, Coconut Rum and Orange Juice to a Cocktail Shaker filled with Ice Cubes
Shake until the Cocktail Shaker is cold to the touch
Strain into the glass, creating a second layer
Add the Vodka and Cranberry Juice to a cocktail shaker filled with Ice Cubes, shake and strain into the glass, creating a third, and final layer
Garnish with an Orange Slice