Moscow Mule Copper Cups

If you are a fan of the Moscow Mule then you will know that it just doesn’t taste right unless served in a Moscow Mule Copper Cup. This iconic accompaniment to the spicy cocktail aids in keeping the drink at a cool temperature and of course makes quite a statement when displayed amongst regular drinkware!

In addition to the novel quality of the cup itself, the classic Moscow Mule cocktail has its own interesting origins – most notably in being responsible for the introduction of vodka to America in the 1940s.

Creator of the cocktail and the copper cup it is served in, John G Martin, (who bought the Smirnoff brand in 1939) experienced “inventive genius” with friend Jack Morgan, (owner of the Cock n’ Bull Tavern in Hollywood and Cock n’ Bull Ginger Beer.)

This idea led them to combine their products – vodka and ginger beer respectively – which ultimately became the ‘Moscow Mule’.

Using specially engraved copper mugs they marketed the Moscow Mule in bars around the country, using a nifty technique of photographing bartenders posing with it, and then leaving a copy of the photo behind in every bar.

This proved to the bartenders that their competitors were successfully selling this new concoction – the Moscow Mule!

Introduction of the distinctive copper cups is said to be partly due to the curiosity and interest that they provoke. As a Moscow Mule drinker, have you ever noticed that when enjoying one in a  Moscow Mule Copper Cup at your local bar, that it encourages others to ask what you are drinking?

Despite a drop in popularity in the 1960s, the Moscow Mule has recently enjoyed a resurgence, and the Moscow Mule Copper Cups still make an impact for those who want to offer a proper presentation of the historic beverage.

So why not join in the revival of the Moscow Mule and get your very own Moscow Mule Copper Cup at to properly savour this delicious and simple to make cocktail!


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Ingredients for a Moscow Mule

  • Ice and thin lime wedges (about 4 limes) to serve
  • 300ml vodka
  • 100ml lime juice
  • 750ml bottle ginger beer


         1.  Layer a tall jug or pitcher with ice and lime wedges.

         2. Add the vodka and lime juice, stir, then top with ginger beer.

Serve and enjoy in your very own Moscow Mule Copper Cup!

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