On Trend: Instagram-able Steak & Grillhouse Food

Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know what Instagram is. And I’m sure you understand the power it holds for restaurants. Just think of all the free promotion Starbucks gets when they spell your name wrong and you post it all over social media. Then there’s We Want Plates, where we all get our inspiration from. Apart from maybe the brownies served with broken glass. I mean that’s not a good idea. Kind of a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anyway back to Instagram! You want to be serving Instagram worthy dishes. I’m sure your food is Instagram worthy but is your crockery? You could make the most amazing dish but if you’re not serving it in the right crockery are people going to Instagram it? I mean just check out some of these Instagram posts.

Wingin through the weekend like… #rancespizza

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I mean that food looks badass! And something I’d want to share with all my friends! Making your food look Instagram-able can be pretty easy, and we’ve got all that you could need to revamp your streak and grill menu.

Instagram-able Steak & Grillhouse Food Serving Options
Cast Iron

Cast Iron is so hot right now! Get it?! It’s so hot… *cough* Anyway Cast Iron is a great way to serve a variety of dishes. Steaks, fajitas, baked eggs the list goes one. Not just for serving, cast iron is great for cooking food and serving is straight from the oven. Check out our range of cast iron tableware here.

Wooden Boards

Ah, the wooden board. Not just for carrying things, the wooden board has shot into the limelight over the past year and is a great way of vamping up your food service. Paired perfectly with cast iron dishes, a wooden board can protect surfaces from the scalding temperatures. It can also be used to serve dishes directly. Burgers look amazing when served on a wooden board, but be careful if you plan on serving steak directly on a wooden board, they can be put in the dishwasher and can harbour bacteria if you’re not careful. Check out our range of wooden boards here.

Rustic Dip Pots & Ramekins

Don’t forget your sauces! Sometimes an afterthought, but sauces can be the perfect finishing touch. Perfect for all kinds of dipping sauces or condiments, a rustic dip pot or ramekin will finish off your plate perfectly. Not just available in ‘rustic’ you can find a whole host of ramekins from melamine to fine china here.


If you’re not feeling the rustic look, another great way of serving steak and grillhouse is using enamel. Highly versatile, enamel can be used in so many ways. Enamel trays could serve sharing platters. You can add some greaseproof paper and serve wings and ribs directly on the trays. Enamel pie dishes look great when filled with fries or sides. Not just in white, our enamelware comes in a range of different colours, and you can find them all here.

Greaseproof Paper

Speaking of Greaseproof Paper, when it comes to steak and grillhouse food, greaseproof paper is an essential. You could just stick with the regular stuff, but you could also take it up a notch. With everything from eco-friendly options to custom printed greaseproof, we’ve got you covered. If you want to revamp your greaseproof paper check out our ranges here.

Steak Knives

And lastly cutlery. I mean your customers are going to need something to eat with, so why not give them something fancy to eat with! We’re a little bit in love with the Volga Gold Cutlery range, but we do have a huge selection of steak knives with everything from budget friendly to true professional knives. They can all be found here.

So there you have it everything you need to have Instagram worthy food! For more inspiration check out our favourite Instagram hashtag #foodie and if there’s anything you want but can’t find on the site give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

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