Paul Smith for Stelton – Statement Bar Set

When it comes to designer stuff you expect to pay a little extra. After all you’re getting high quality goods aren’t you? Let us introduce you to the Paul Smith’s Statement Bar Set, it’s a snap at £1,500 (if you happen to be a millionaire of course). It’s enough to make your bank manager wince and your partner to demand a separation.

Paul Smith for Stelton - Statement Bar Set

If however, you love your designer barware, this might just be the set for you. Created in celebration of Stelton’s 50th anniversary, Paul Smith has taken classic Stelton products from the 1960’s and given them a modern day revamp. However much we like the design, this one might just be out of our budget…

Statement Bar Set - Ice Bucket & Tongs

Statement Bar Set - Jug

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