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We here at drinkstuff are convinced by the increasing number of benefits to using plastic glassware – and with safety of prime importance in any pub or bar, are you?

A growing number of violent crimes on nights out caused by glasses being used as weapons have forced action to be taken to minimise these dangers.

With this in mind, plastic glassware could be used to replace the use of glass in pubs and bars around the country, as stated in this article from The Publican’s Morning Advertiser:

Here at drinkstuff we have a wide range of plastic glasses including Polycarbonate Glasses which are ideal for increasing safety measures in pubs and bars due to the glasses being practically indestructible. We also stock Reusable Glasses, perfect for all occasions when the quality and appearance of real glass is required without the fragility and potential danger of glass.

Many items of plastic glassware now have such a quality finish to them, that they could easily be mistaken for real glass.

This is displayed to the best effect in some of our bestsellers in the Plastic Glasses section of, which include:


Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Rocks Tumblers 9oz / 255ml

 These classic retro style tumblers eliminate the risk of breakages due to being made from reusable plastic, ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

Elite Polycarbonate Tulip Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml

With a nucleated base this glass will ensure that your drink remains tasting fresh and offers a practical option over using standard glassware. They are CE marked for use in licenced establishments.


Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glasses 9oz LCE at 175ml

These polycarbonate wine glasses provide a safe and practical substitute to breakable glassware. They are exceptionally tough and are reusable, with linings and CE marking for a legal UK measure.


Everyone deserves a good night out at the end of the working week, so help to keep those nights as safe and enjoyable as possible by exploring the high quality range of Plastic Glasses at

By doing so you could be taking your first step in reducing glass-related violence in towns and cities across the UK.





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