Prosecco Pong is Here & We Might be in Love – Here’s how to play

Beer pong. Originally an American College game, this infamous drinking game has swept the UK. Basically, you have two teams and the aim of the game is to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s red cup and they then have to drink the contents of said cup. There are more rules to it than that, but that’s the basic gist. It’s silly entertaining fun, perfect for the summer. But there’s a new kid on the block and it’s going to blow your mind. PROSECCO PONG. Yeah, you heard me prosecco pong. So recently it’s hit the news that prosecco pong is now a thing. And I’m not going to lie, but I’m here for it. So with no further ado here are the rules for prosecco pong.

How to Play Prosecco Pong
Credit: Talking Tables
  1. Figure out the teams! You’ll want two teams of two.
  2. The first thing you need to do is set up your cups on a table. All you have to do is arrange 10 plastic coupe glasses into a pyramid formation. One set of ten on each side. Like the image above but just with more cups.
  3. Add the prosecco to your coupe glasses! The amount you put in is basically down to how much you’d like to drink. One bottle of prosecco will be enough for all 20 glasses.
  4. You then take turns in throwing a ping bong ball into the opposite team’s cup. If a ball lands in a cup, it’s taken away to be drunk. If both team members successfully throw a ball into a cup, the balls are rolled back and they get to throw again.
  5. This keeps going on until one team has lost all of their cups. The winning team is obviously the one that has cups left.

Simple! And that’s it that’s the rules to prosecco pong! If prosecco pong is a game that you and your friends are planning on playing regularly, instead of cheap plastic coupe glasses we’d recommend Polycarbonate Coupe Glasses instead. These won’t break, leaving you without the right number of glasses at the beginning of a game.

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