Speakeasy Gin Balloon Glasses

Gin Balloon Glass

Now available from drinkstuff, Libbey’s latest addition to their Speakeasy range of vintage glassware comes in the form of the Gin Balloon Glass. Known as a copa glass, Libbey’s UK distributor, Artis, have been teasing us with this beautiful gin goblet for a while now, and finally we can get our hands on it!

Why Choose a Gin Goblet?

Sharing the advantages of a balloon wine glass, a brandy snifter, or a beer snifter, the rounded balloon shape of a copa gin glass helps to contain the aromas of the drink and directs them towards the narrowed opening of the glass.

Of course there is an obvious aesthetic advantage – the tall stem helps this glass stand out among standard glassware, creating a fantastic point of sale for bars and clubs looking for a unique drinks service. The Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glass is part of Libbey’s vintage style SPKSY range, aiming to evoke the roaring ’20s, giving your cocktail service an extra vintage theme. To complete the collection, check out our full Speakeasy glassware range.

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