Ta Bouche Cocktail Competition

We love to get involved in the local community, especially when it involves drinking cocktails! We were proud to be sponsors of the first Bartending Competition hosted by local Cambridge cocktail bar, Ta Bouche.

Ta Bouche Competition

Obviously, we felt obliged to go along and sample the cocktail delights the contenders mixed up for the competition. Featuring 4 stages; mixology, speed, flip off and flair, we were blown away by the techniques, stunts and strength of the alcohol!

Contestants were awarded points for each stage, sampled and judged by cocktail experts including Simon Purchase from SupremeBeing, Will Lowe from Bibendum Wine and Spirits, and Tim Marcheney from Pernod Rickard. Everyone who took part was given a drinkstuff.com Flair Bottle and Vinyl Coated Bar Blade.

The lucky winners not only got all the fame and glory, but also won prizes given by us, including a Flair Starter Kit for the winner of the flair round and an Ultimate Cocktail Kit for the overall winner. JD from La Raza was the star of the show, winning the Mixology Havana Club round, speed round and was the overall competition winner. Honourable second place went to Lukasz Lankiewicz from the Hidden Rooms.

The Winners Were:
Mixology: Mark Pope from Ta Bouche
Mixology Havana Club: JD from La Raza
Speed: JD from La Raza
Flair: Chris Whelan from Ta Bouche

If you’re hosting a local event you’d like us to get involved with, let us know, especially if you’re hosting it in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire or Essex!

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