Taste Your Words with the Typewriter Cocktail Machine

What do you get if you cross a QWERTY keyboard with alcohol? No we’re not talking about a drunk work colleague sending inappropriate emails, but in fact the ingenious Typewriter Cocktail Machine. Designed by ‘Morskoiboy’ just for fun (like you do), this machine mixes a cocktail as you type.

Each key is in fact a pump made from a syringe, which takes the corresponding liquid to the letter display before delivering it straight into your glass. Designed for use with syrups, the alcohol (or water if you prefer) is attached to the top of the machine and mixes with the syrup. We’d be interested to see how ‘drinkstuff’ tastes!

Below is the video where ‘Morskoiboy’ explains his contraption:

Typing has never been so rewarding!

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