The Art of Making Coffee

If you thought adding a swirl to your freshly brewed latte shows your artistic flair then think again. Mike Breach, known as Baristart has taken the art of making coffee to a whole new level by creating detailed art in latte foam using just a bamboo skewer. It all began while working in New York City at a lonely hotel barista station, and he used ‘latte art’ to pass the time.



Breach is completely self-taught and claims to be inspired by Wonka and Warhol. From Jesus to Michael Jackson, his work features portraits of famous faces, including celebrities, film characters, animals and various other subjects. Since going viral on instagram, Bartistart now has many followers on his tumblr, facebook and twitter pages, and fans include Chelsea Clinton. So if you’re in New York and fancy a unique hot beverage head to the Breslin at the Ace Hotel, and be sure to appreciate the work of a great artist before you take a sip.


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