The Retro Slush Maker Machine: Tips and Recipe Ideas

Apparently, several inches of snow wasn’t enough for some people, they wanted more ice…frozen slushie ice! Our Bar Blenders have been flying out the door (on DPD lorries) after over a month of waiting for stock from our suppliers. We apologise to all our customers who have been kept waiting, we hope you’re now making lots of slushie goodness without too much brain freeze.

We want you to make the most of your slush maker, which is why we’ve got some tips and recipe ideas to inspire you. Bored of orange juice slushies? We’ve compiled some recipe ideas for the perfect tasting slushie drink!

Hawaiian Tropical Punch:
250ml Orange
250ml Pineapple Juice
100ml Grapefruit Juice
100ml Cranberry Juice
200ml Club Soda or Lemonade
25ml Fresh Lime Juice
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Mix together and pop in the Slush Maker for a yummy, fruity frozen drink!

Frozen Margarita:
170g of Funkin’s Pour Pure Lime Purree

Once the Lime Cocktail Mix has turned to slush, dispense into margarita glasses (with a salt rim) and mix in the following amounts of spirit to each glass;

50ml Tequila
25ml Cointreau

Ribena Slush:
1 Part Squash
4 Part Water or Lemonade

Mix together before adding to the Slush Maker – it has to be extra strong for the flavours of the squash to come through. This recipe can be adapted to any squash (use less if double concentrated).

Other Slush Drink Ideas:
Premixed Kool Aid!
SodaStream Mixer (non-diet) pre-mixed according to instructions
Fanta – any flavour!
Mixed Berry Fruit Juice
Rubicon Fruit Juices
Cola mixed with 50ml of Cherry Sourz
Orange & Cranberry Juice mixed with 50ml Malibu
Ginger Beer mixed with 50ml Lime Juice and 50ml Vodka

• Drinks with a high sugar or corn syrup base will crystallize faster and produce a thicker slush than those with milk or lower sugar content. Carbonated drinks will set up slower and will not be as thick.
• Where possible, let carbonated drinks lose their fizz for quicker results
• Pre-chilling the liquid will quicken the slush making process
• Still or carbonated diet or sugar free drinks will not slush
• Alcohol does not freeze, which is why you will need to add it afterwards
• If the slush hasn’t formed within 40mins then the drink probably isn’t suitable for freezing

For the finishing touch, why not serve up your slushie with our Spoon Straws and Disposable Smoothie Tumblers. Perfect for enjoying out in the sunshine (for the two weeks of glorious sun we get a year) and keeping messy children happy.


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