The Ultimate Pint Glass Launched

The Ultimate Pint Glass LaunchOn June 8th was invited down to the headquarters of the Design Council in London for the unveiling of Arcoroc’s brand new revolutionary piece of glassware, The Ultimate Pint.

The Ultimate Pint is 5 times stronger than any standard annealed glass and represents the first innovation in glass strengthening techniques since Arc International’s development of the now classic Nonic pint glass 50 years ago.

The Ultimate Pint is the result of a commission by the UK Government to address the presence of glass related crimes in the UK as part of the Design Out Crime initiative. Each year in the UK there is an estimated 5,500 glassings, with 973,000 cases of alcohol related violence costing the NHS up to £2.7bn.

The Design Council and Design Bridge have worked closely with international glassware manufacturer, Arcoroc, to research the implications of creating a tougher pint glass. The Ultimate Pint has a far greater resistance to mechanical and thermal shock, which means it cannot be broken as easily as a normal pint glass to be used as a sharp weapon.

The Ultimate Pint GlassJohn Goodman, Market Expert at Arc International, stated “By combining both the design and the technology processes, we have created a glass profile that is safer and stronger for use in busy public environments. Whereas normal glass, when broken, either breaks in to large shards or the base of the glass remains intact thus creating a weapon that can be repeatedly used.”

Helene Klimsza, Drinkware Product Director at Arc International, added, “To actually break the glass it takes a lot of energy and in most cases people give up after the first or second attempt.”

No matter how strong a glass is made, each knock and bump will naturally reduce the lifespan of the structure, but The Ultimate Pint features a lifespan 10 to 15 times longer than other standard glassware. When The Ultimate Pint finally does break, it utilises Stress Fracture Management which promotes Reverse Breakage, ensuring the entire glass shatters into small, blunt fragments, leaving no sharp edges which could be potentially used as a weapon.

The Ultimate Pint Glass breaks into small blunt fragmentsAt the launch of this innovative piece of drinkware at the Design Council offices in Covent Garden, London, rubbed shoulders with members of the press, members of the metropolitan police department and publicans from across the UK, all of whom were treated to a presentation to launch the glass into the UK market, which included a hands-on afternoon with The Ultimate Pint and the chance to talk through all aspects with the creators of this new development in glassware. is proud to be among the first UK retailers offering The Ultimate Pint glass, which offers a highly preferable alternative to the increase of polycarbonate tumblers which tests prove have been berated by regular pub goers.

Available in the usual CE marked and nucleated options, The Ultimate Pint heralds a new era in safer glassware manufacture which is proud to be a part of.

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