The World’s Most Expensive Beers

If you’ve ever felt ripped off after being handed your change at the bar then think again as the most expensive beer in the world costs $800 for a bottle! Here we compile a list of some of the world’s most expensive beers:

Antarctic Nail Ale
You need to be a keen animal lover to purchase this beer at $800 (£514) a bottle as all the profits go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which opposes whaling in the Antarctic region. This beer is made using water from an actual Antarctic iceberg, melted it in Tasmania and flown to Perth for brewing. Only 30 bottles were made and sold at auction, hence the hefty price tag.

Brewdog’s “The End of History”
Scottish brewery Brewdog are quite well known for their expensive range of beers, but they certainly hit the headlines with their “The End of History” beer at $765 (£492) per bottle. At 110 proof, it’s also the third strongest beer ever made as well as the current second most expensive with only 12 bottles made. However the real eye-catching aspect of this beer is the fact that each bottle is encased in roadkill and stuffed by a taxidermist. Not one for the fainthearted.

Carlsberg Vintage 3
Usually better known for their exported lager, Carlsberg produced the “vintage trilogy” in 2008, 2009 and 2010 in an attempt the challenge the luxury wine market with each bottle costing $348 (£223). Only 600 bottles were made, however, this vintage beer offers excellent value for money with an expiry date of 2059.

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57
Made in Germany in 2011, only 36 bottles of this $275 (£176) were made and the brewery claims it’s the strongest beer in the world at 115 proof. Any higher and this beer would violate Germany’s 500-year-old Beer Purity Law.

Samuel Adams’ Utopias
Samuel Adams’ Utopias boasts a $100 (£64) per bottle price tag and at 24-27 proof is banned in 13 American states. This beer is released every 2 years after being uniquely brewed for 18 years with a touch of maple syrup and comes in an ornate copper-plated brew kettle.

Other expensive beers include Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck at $80 (£51) which has been freeze-distilled four times, Tutankhamun Ale  at $75 (£48) which was brewed in a Cambridge laboratory after a recipe was discovered in the Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt, Crown Ambassador Reserve $90 (£57) which an Australian beer packaged in a champagne bottle and Sapporo’s Space Barley $110 (£70) for a 6 pack which has been brewed in space by scientists!

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