On Trend: Caribbean Food & Street Food

Food trends come and go, but every now and then something sticks. And one food trend that has taken the UK by storm and shows no sign of disappearing is Caribbean food. Over ten years ago, chef and entrepreneur Levi Roots wowed Dragons Den with his Caribbean sauces and now Caribbean food can be found all over the UK.

A popular street food, Caribbean food is a vibrant mix of influences and features bold flavours from herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients. Serving Caribbean food can seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not all fiery spices and chili sauce, but warming jerk seasoning and textured dishes.

Paella-style rice dishes, traditional curried dishes and of course the classic jerk chicken all make up an interesting and intoxicating Caribbean menu.

Once you’ve decided on your Caribbean menu, you’ll need to decide on how you are serving your food. For Caribbean food, we feel like there are two options, a street food vibe or a more traditional way using crockery.

How to Serve Caribbean Food

To serve Caribbean food in a street food or fast food style, we recommend combining reusable presentation methods with disposables. You could combine a stainless-steel bucket with greaseproof paper to serve chips. Taco stands with chip cones or even greaseproof paper bags. You could serve a wrap in a burrito wrap on a fast food basket. Street food offers you limitless options, the only thing that will stop you is your creativity!

If you want a more traditional method of serving your food but still want to embody the bold Caribbean theme we’d suggest avoiding white crockery. With the rise of rustic crockery, there are now more and more options for high-quality crockery. One of our favourite ranges of crockery this year is the Seasons range by Porcelite. Showcasing bold corals, reds and blue, the Seasons crockery will enhance the vibrant nature of Caribbean food.

If you’re looking for a more subtle range of crockery, then Utopia Tableware have you covered. Featuring bold colours, the Utopia Soho Range features a coloured interior against a black exterior. This will allow your customers to enjoy bold colours against food whilst retaining a more modest feel in your restaurant.

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