On Trend: Classic Winter Desserts

Ok so some of these desserts have never left but now they’re back in the limelight. This year don’t just serve up the usual Christmas Pud and Mince Pies, take a page out of your Nan’s book and serve up some on-trend Classic Winter Desserts.

The Black Forest Gateau

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Ah, the black forest gateau. So this was a staple dessert in the 70’s, but who says it’s chocolate, cherry and kirsch flavours can’t be popular today. I know my mum will love the revival of the black forest gateau. If you are planning on serving a black forest gateau this winter you’re going to need a show stopping cake stand. We recommend the Utopia Patisserie Upturn Glass Cake Stand, complete with a fluted edge this is guaranteed to impress. If you really want to take it to the next level why not combine it with the Utopia Patisserie Glass Cake Dome.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Ok, I’m not going to lie, Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of greatest desserts of all time. This should be on every menu ever. It’s so versatile, ice cream in summer and custard in the winter. Perfect! If you want to make and serve individual portions of sticky toffee pudding we recommend these Avebury Blue Mini Casserole Dishes. Oven safe, these dishes let you cook your dessert and serve in a single dish, you can even serve the sticky toffee sauce in a matching Avebury Blue Milk Pan.

Bread & Butter Pudding

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Bread & Butter Pudding is probably one of those puddings that really reminds you of your nan. Bread pudding is traditionally made with raisins but you can pimp the recipe. I mean just check out the video above, banana and chocolate chips? Lush! Again if you want to make individual portions we recommend using an oven proof ramekin. Not only does it save on the washing up, it just looks cool. We really love these Black & Red Stoneware Ribbed Ramekins, classy with a pop of colour! If you want to make large portions you could alternatively use a pie dish. We think this Enamel Pie Dish Black With White Rim is the perfect choice.

Rice Pudding

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Ok, so this is maybe a controversial pudding choice, but Rice Pudding is a classic winter warmer. Another dessert that you can add to, rice pudding can be pimped with spices, fruit and even chocolate! Whilst the Rice Pudding in the image looks stunning in a glass jar, another great way of serving Rice Pudding would be in an enamel mug. To make a real statement with this dessert we recommend these gorgeous Enamel Heritage Mugs. The vintage-inspired pattern will add a truly vintage feel to the dessert.

Fruit Crumbles

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Whether it’s apple, rhubarb or even mixed berry, a crumble will always go down well. Served perfectly in small ovenproof casserole dishes, a crumble is a perfect addition to any winter menu. If you don’t want to serve it in small portions, you could always create a sharer crumble cooking and serving it in a cast iron platter. With cream and custards served alongside in a milk jug, this could be the next big sharing dish!

So there you have it five great desserts from your nan’s cookbook that are sure to go down a storm this winter. Warming and full of flavour these desserts deserve to be brought back into the 21st century. Add a vintage hint to your menu this winter!

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